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Hello friends my name is Rafaqat Kayani and today I am once again at mega tax shop and you are with me Bilal bhai so today this is a mining machine so bilal bhai will guide us on how it works How much does it cost? If we want to work, what are the things inside it? Bilal bhai, guide us a little bit about what things are inside it, how it works, it works, it is mining.

Bitcoin Earning In Pakistan

This is a minor one that is made with five AT cards. People can get this card from A-card batch but come because there are so many options that you can use as many cards as you want to insert. Has three cards and the majority of people use it with six cards. Okay. To get a better hashait. Okay. And that is basically giving you output.

Everything else is a standard computer. Like a heart power supply, people focus on two things, power supply and graphic card, because the more power supply, the more graphics cards, the more power supply will be acquired

How To Earn Bitcoin In Pakistan Free

. The power supply should be large. Okay fine. Now people have to keep one thing in mind as if people are realizing that we have to put the biggest process in it. Processor does not require such a big. It has no usage.

The professor uses your container only for his presence that he has shown the rest of the things in order to bring in connectivity, all things are required to be connected successfully, what is the whole RAM?

Bitcoin Mining In Pakistan Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022

What is the board? This floor generation motherboard is attached to it and the professor of Pentium is attached to it. The fourth generation of Hantein professors come in every generation. Comes. Right. For those who don’t have a lot of focus on the process, this is made by Inter. So if you want a slightly better process standby in it, do i3 standby. There is no need to make a bigger curtain head standby. Okay fine. The work is going on from Roy III.

Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022

Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022
Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022

The i3 also works. Apply your Eye Think Maximum. Which will also come in handy tomorrow. Yes Yes. RGB is RAM, RGB should be too. No matter how much mercy you put into it, keep your RG to a minimum. Okay fine.

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It also has eight GB. The car has three fittings but it has a capacity of six. Basically on the motherboard if you see Basically. So these are the slots in it. These are the six PC Express slots. Because of which the card runs on the express lot. So from six lots. Okay fine. What happens is that when we have to connect with him when we have to connect with him, then obviously they are very close.

So we can’t take the track on board or we haven’t built such a system, so we call the one that has blue cable riser. It comes with a riser cable and a card on top of it and collects this card and it performs all this performance ie a little distance from the mother board if you have to insert a card.

How To Earn Bitcoin In Pakistan

So the riser is the thing that connects it to the distance. That’s right. Some people have the same box in the laptop that they use that they had to use the laptop for graphy car gaming. For it is a whole box, but at the moment because the supply, etc., the whole system is already there, so he brings it. Well, this graphics card is the same model. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there

If you are using ATA then all the ATAs are good chip. If you use these media then all the two cards that are both the cards that are ATI and those media are connected. Yes, but there are some problems in competability. Waqar Zaka It will not bother you a bit. If you have used only one chip, you are using different model. Yes, but they are changing while you are not.

And as much as you put lets this board comes in, it has six and it also has thirteen, it also has nineteen. Well, of course it’s connectivity. The supply will have to increase and you will have to make a card. Similarly, your hashet increases. So one good hand is good mining on it. People are also doing it. Ah, they are also doing it in Pakistan.

Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022

Here’s what you can do. The biggest problem in Pakistan is the Electric City. Bill gets bigger Bill ah Bill because some people have left the body. See if there is a new solar system in Pakistan. If you collect it with solar system then you get absolutely free. You can also install one of your limited plates with one thousand ah wards and if you connect it with it then you will get almost total electricity in your profit.

If there is a system for them then they keep running all the time. They have to run. There is no such thing as cooling. There is no issue in it because you are using it for twenty four four seven. So people have a slight increase in the speed of the fan and after becoming MSI, they can increase it a little bit, then they are their own fan of graphics card, they are the ones who accept it.

Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022 Waqar Zaka

Correct because twenty-four seven is running. Definitely going to temperature five. Obviously when the conversation is going on from the continuation, they use a little bit of pan speed to control it. You can improve it a little. This machine is being manufactured in how much now. This machine is being manufactured with your six cards in almost five lack. Nowadays, it is fine. If you do, Waqar Zaka

she will make it very much between five lakhs under four fifty to five depend own. Repeatedly I tell people that depend and card availability is correct. Hey price all these things definitely make your computer so in this you also populate things in the same way in good mining card brandy are used or are in use both can be used both can be card ope It should be basically used in it,

Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022

then basically the thing we are using in the card is in mayonnaise OK so if she is doing your ok she is doing better then she is getting used to it then everything will be fine for you You are also using Hart. Let me tell you something. You can use SSG in it. You can use SSG in a very small capacity which is available. The minimum SSG available in the market is one to eight. GBST is available.

Free Make Earning Bitcoin In Pakistan Without Any Investment BTC Earning In Pakistan How To Mine Bitcoin In Pakistan Free Of Cost Bitcoin Mining In Pakistan

Online Bitcoin Earning in Pakistan Free 2022

It’s okay. You put it in. It also makes you sneeze. You and you don’t have to focus too much on it. There is a process. What I have now is add eighteen hundred and sixteen hundred watts. Yes, you have six cards in it. It is available in the supply market of twelve hundred and fifty watts. Enough for the card because if you look in mining, one twenty water eight is converting the card. Are doing.

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Right. Okay fine. If you do a total copy of the system then it remains under one thousand. But you should not keep a good one ah in it. Keep a gap of two hundred wars. So twelve hundred watts of infar five eight so friends it was a machine for mining. When I saw it, I thought I would make a video for you friends. So for more information I am putting the contact and the dress in the description. You can contact this machine in the evening if anyone wants to take a sigh. See you in your next video

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