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In Kurulus Osman Episode 26, After freeing himself, Kongar puts a knife on the throat of Konur Alp. Konur tries to make him remember his past again. As Konur Alp calls him Goktug, he started remembering his days of childhood. He started crying after knowing what he has done to his brother. Subutay demands to be untied and to fight openly against Osman Bey. They started fighting again while Osman Bey asked him about Geyhatu Han. Subutay threatens the Kayis that Geyhatu will come soon. He received a slap from Osman Bey. Commander Balgay and Sofia decide to go to the castle. Subutay says that the Kayis have to face the Mongol’s attacks again and again. Osman Bey asks for permission from Gunduz Bey and cuts off his head. Osman Bey decides to send his head to Geyhatu Han. Hazal Hatun talks to Bahadir that Geyhatu Han will attack the Kayi Plain soon, so he should go towards his brother.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26, Sofia was expecting Geyhatu’s arrival but Balgay tells her that he has returned to Konya. He also tells her that Osman Bey will attack the castle. Aygul blames Hazal of her mother’s death in great hatred. Selcan Hatun and Hazal Hatun talk to each other. After coming into senses, Abdurrahman Ghazi asks about his condition. In front of all, the doctor cuts the arm of Abdurrahman Ghazi. He bears the pain while shouting out ALLAH is the Greatest and then faints. Sofia’s new soldiers attack the Balgay and Cerkutay stabs one of them but it leaves no effect on the soldier. Balgay calls those soldiers devils. Sofia tells Balgay that these soldiers have been prepared by his father that they do not feel the pain because of a potion given to them. Gunduz Bey is happy with Hazal Hatun for telling them about the possible attack but Osman Bey is thinking that how she knew it. Meanwhile, some Alps come and tell them that Balgay and Sofia have escaped. Osman Bey knows that they are in the castle. Konur, Goktug, and Dumrul Alp reach the plain. Kongar apologizes and says that he was given poison by Balgay. Bamsi Bey puts a knife on his throat but stopped by Konur Alp. They brought Konur Alp to the physician and Goktug asks for permission to stay with his brother. Dundar Bey asks Hazal Hatun about the information they received. Hazal Hatun defends his brother and asks Dundar Bey to talk to Gunduz Bey to permit Bahadir to go to his brother. Dundar bey agrees. Gunduz Bey gives permission. Osman Bey and Bala Hatun talk to each other and she says to Osman Bey to do everything with the Will of ALLAH. Konur Alp asks Kongar to remain loyal to Osman Bey. Osman Bey sets out to take revenge of Konur Alp.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 26, Osman Bey sets off for Konya along with Boran. Kongar sets off for castle and Bamsi Bey will protect the plain against Sofia. After reaching the castle, Kongar tells Balgay and Sofia that he succeeded in escaping after executing Konur Alp. He also tells that Osman Bey will take Gengiz Khan’s laws to Geyhatu Khan. Balgay says that he will take the revenge of his son. The doctor is worried about the condition of Konur Alp and tells that his wound is inflamed. Konur Alp reads the Shahada and dies. Kongar succeeded in escaping from the castle after executing the soldiers. Balgay sees Osman Bey and Boran Alp and decides to attack them. After praying for Konur Alp, they bring him to the cemetery. Boran Alp and Osman Bey stop to take some rest while Bamsi Bey stops Sofia and his soldiers search for Osman Bey. Sofia’s soldiers try to save her but the Alps shoot arrows on them. But the arrows do not affect them and Sofia runs away.

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 26, Aygul is talking about his mother and takes her dagger. While Osman and Boran are taking rest, Balgay and his soldiers surround them. Bamsi Bey and the Alps are attacking the Byzantines soldiers to kill them. Aygul puts that dagger on the throat of Hazal Hatun. As Balgay was about to attack Osman Bey, Goktug appears and tells him that Kongar has died. Balgay attacks the kayis in great anger. Bamsi Bey and the Alps are still fighting the Byzantine soldiers but not succeeded in killing them. Dundar Bey tries to stop Aygul. Osman Bey attacks Balgay after killing the Mongolian soldiers. Goktug succeeded in executing Cerkutay. On the other hand, Osman Bey captures Commander Balgay. Aygul says she is upset while Bala Hatun tries to calm her. Bamsi Bey sets out to help Osman Bey. Hazal Hatun talks to Aygul. Goktug asks Osman Bey that he wants to kill Balgay but Sofia reaches there and shoots him an arrow. As Balgay tries to pick the sword, Osman Bey executed Balgay. Sofia claims of killing Bamsi Bey and the Alps. Osman Bey attacks Princess Sofia. Will Osman Bey succeed in fighting against the new Byzantines soldiers? Bamsi Bey will be able to reach for helping Osman Bey or not?

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