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Review Kurulus Osman Episode 7

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 was started by Sheikh Adebili to give Holy Treasures to Efendi Yannis for the withdrawal of Kafulus Osman. Hearing this, all Darvesh and Bala Hatun were shocked. Bala Hatun goes to the Kai tribe being sent by Sheikh Adebali. Sophia tortures her by asking Usman about Sheikh Edabeli. Kurulus Usman Sheikh continues to refuse to tell about Adebly and Sophia and later stops Bokac Alp. Meanwhile, Yannis enters and rejoices after witnessing this entire situation.

 The Beys are talking about attacking the palace but Dundar Bey is not of this opinion. While now in authority, Dundar asks Bir, Bamsi, and Gunduz to go to the palace about Sophia, and at the same time sends a group of soldiers under the command of Batur Alp to search for Kurtal Osman. Yemen seems very happy after capturing Osman and considers it his victory. He is also torturing her with a hot iron sword while asking about Edibali. They all started reciting the Quran and they were being tortured more. Battur and Sansa meet in the forest and accuse each other of what happened to Usman Bay.

After arriving at the palace, Bamsi and Gunduz talk to Sophia but he is ignorant about the incident and asks Kalanoz to appoint soldiers to search for Osman. She says that she has sacrificed her husband to achieve this peace.

 Knowing his specialty, Bamsi told him that if anything happened to Usman, he would burn the palace to ashes. Dursun Fakih was recognized by the soldiers, but then managed to take his head hostage and reach the palace. He says Sophia that I have brought a message from Sheikh Adebly and will only tell when Yannis arrives here. On the other hand, Kurulus Osman has a dream in which he feels helpless and talks to Sheikh Edabeli. Edabeli tells him the way to the rescue. After waking up, Kurulus Usman began to recite “Indeed, with every difficulty, there is ease” (Surah al-Inshah), while trying to get rid of the chains again and again.

 Bala Hatun reaches the Kai Maidan where Aygul meets him. She blames him for all this situation, but Selkon Hatun arrives at that moment and tells Bala Hatun to go to the tent. Aigul informs Zohare Hatun of Bala Hatun’s arrival and the two arrive at the camp where Selkan and Bala Hatun are. Kurulus Osman and the Alps succeeded in getting rid of the chains. Zohare Hatun and Selkan Hatun Bala talk about the arrival of Hatun. Zohre Hatun says that Bala should not come here as they are a disaster for the tribe, but Selkon Hatun refuses and tells him to get out of the camp and inform Dandar Bey that he is ready.

Osman and the Alps, after freeing themselves, started fighting the soldiers and managed to escape from there. Yannis arrives at the palace, while Darson tells Edabali’s message that Sheikh Edabeli will give him the treasure if he releases Osman Bay and tells him to go to a specific place. Yannis accepts the offer and sets for the said location. Kurulus Osman, Batur Alpa, and other Alps reach the Kai Maidan where all Kai welcome them. Dundar Bir is very happy that Batur has done a great job. Selkan Hatun asks Usman to come with him so that he can heal him. She also tells him that Bala Hatun is waiting for him.

 Darson and Yannis are talking about the treasure and he makes an entry at the time of Sheikh Adebly’s arrival. Edabali and Yannis talk about their powers and victories. Meanwhile, Megala appears and informs them that Osman and Alf have escaped. After hearing this, Yannis tells Adebly and all of them to kill him. After knowing about the arrival of the Dunar Bay Bala Hatun arrives at the camp and asks him to return. Realizing the situation, Bala Hatun set out for the caravanserai. But Usman stops her and asks about Sheikh Edebali. Bala Hatun is not aware of him, but Usman learns about the exact location and sets out with the Alps to save him. Ajebeli and the other Dervis have a fight with the Byzantine soldiers while Osman and the Alps also make an entry. Yannis is wounded by Osman’s arrow and runs away.

 Now Edabali and Bala Hatun thank Allah Ta’ala that the whole situation is now fixed. Selkan Hatun arrives to meet Bala Hatun for Osman to meet Adman. Usman and the Alps are eating together, while Bamsi is telling Alf Usman about his love for Bala Hatoon. They are all discussing Osman’s wedding, while he is waiting for Selkon Hatun to bring the good news to him. Selkan talks to Hatun Sheikh Edabali but he refuses for the reason that they are not the same. Selkon Hatun tells Usman about Edbali’s decision and tells.

Now, what is behind Sheikh Edbali’s refusal to marry Balman? What will be the reaction of Usman and Bala Hatun after knowing this decision? What is Efendi Yannis’ next evil plan to stop the Kaifi tribe and take the treasure? When Ertugrul will return to support his son Osman?

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