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Kurulus Osman Episode 16 in English Subtitles

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In kurulus Usman episode 15, what you said gehatu about Mendez? Don’t you know what you’re talking about. For fear of geyhatu. Balgay. Thing! I don’t know. Anything about your laws. Or your work. Until. Your dog. Brought me here and tied to me. Allah going to tell me that everything. I will puzzle you with holes. Until your meat is no longer able to hold your blood, so be warned. Soldiers are ready, balgay. There any news kongar? Not balgay. But it won’t return empty-hand. Him speak when I return kulucahisar. As you order. Balgay. Commander laskaris. Back do not for the Castle, until you find Princess Sofia. Understand? I swear Virgin Mary, I will not return to find without a Princess. My master. God damn day, that the Turks and the Mongols came to our land. Master yannis, Usman Bay here. Him take. Usman, osmansofiawhere my daughter? When my mother selcan came back from his camp. He showed me his knife shows that he was captured her

 In kurulus Usman episode 15, yannis accepted I have to. We are going to move balgay a trap finally, the time has come. He is going to pay for what he did. What is your intentions? Usman Bay? Are you going to take balgay? No, i’m going to kill him. We are show going to him that. If you have a friend become evil your end will be bad. Balgay and their accessors are going to understand. Grand sycamores grow stormy land. We are going to get rid of the people., Who prevents US from growing. Hay masha’allahallahu- Akbar! (God is the greatest) my Bay. Gunduz Bay. What happened to my brother? Any kidnapped gunduz Bay, my Bay. We would like to meet him everywhere. What are you talking about, erkut? Balgay. Balgay! It balgays doing. He wants to know who sent news geyhatu. He view. Let me valiants. Let’swe’re going to your camp. My Bay, maybe we should wait for the night to start a raid. The bastard balgay is going to Castle now. And he should be holding my brother in its headquarters. That’s right. Let’s go. Thing before balgay return. Think about that he can do for you. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhthink about it. Cergutaytake my life now or I take my changed.

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In kurulus Usman episode 15, you will be grumble. When you were in pain. Mongolian bastards took my memory brother. I am in trouble to remember those days. My goktug .. you managed to get rid of the chains your soul. Nothing can hurt you anymore. Is it good? Yes, brother? Also, I tell you everything. Our mother, our fathers our camp. I tell you about in conflict that we have done with Wood swords. I make you remember it all. I finally able to hold your hand. I do you go, brother. Thank you, brother. Thank you. My brother. My brother. Oh God. So, in the end. You have done this as well, Usman. Now, who is going to save you from balgay? Who is going to save you from me? Dundar Bay? What’s that? Are you afraid of your master, who holds your lease to mad? Batur! Stop, my brother. He signed his death wishes. You should not get the blood on your hands of his brother. If I could not find the honorable blood .. my ancestors suleyman Shah, back can.

 In kurulus Usman episode 15, the Alps me Alps! Everyone will go out of the tribe, my Alps! Everywhere can be searched dark! Everyone will go out of the tribe! Ueiusoyou will not get away with it. Usman! You will not be! I have to pay for my son that you murdered. Allah witnesses, I will pay you! I will. I will me batur. Go don’t stop everyone horse! Go brother! Brother! Demonmother! Go away, monster! You took my son’s life. Visit Usman. Go go away, demonosmanosmanthis may be a trap. No one knows that we will be eliminated from here, commander balgay. Anyone knows that, where we headed are can guess path that we will take. Until he land and Sky want it, Holy tree will not fall. Unless the enemy and evil spirits touch them, Holy tree stature! Remove it! Balgayosman! Where you are wandering? Now, what is left to you lie warmly on the ground, and get cold! Vultures feed your body, osmanyou came to our tribe with anger Mongols! I came to you with a vengeance of innocent public you sacrificial me anger is larger than your vengeance come to your death, Usman we are not afraid of death! We fight with our faith in our hearts and once martyrdom. Allah hu Akbar (Allah is the largest).

Kurulus Osman Episode 16 in English Subtitles

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