Kurulus Osman Episode 14 in English Subtitles

Review Kulurus Osman Episode 13

As Kurulus Osman Episode 13 began, Osman was asleep and in a dream in which he sees a person coming to Kai Maidan. All the women are surprised to see him. Usman was praying to Allah when that mysterious man entered the tent. The man poses as Suleman Shah (Osman’s grandfather) and he wakes Osman out of a dream and finds himself in another dream when caught by Balagai and his soldiers. He sees Sanga Cavas helping him to execute Balgai. He suddenly wakes up and Batur comes to see what happened to him. He tells them about his dream. Osman Bay and the Alps make a plan and set out to search for Balgai. Zohare Hatun arrives at the Mongols’ base to meet Balgay. Osman Bay and the Alps were successful in finding out the secret place of the Mongols.

 In Episode 13, Kurulus Osman, Zohare asks Balge to bring his son back and he will give Osman and Edablei in return. Balge told him to keep the promise otherwise he had to bear the consequences. Dundar Bi and Aygul talk about the recent situation. Dundar then calls Bir Gunduz and tells him to go to Niketa. He accepts but is also worried about Osman. Dundar Bay soaks him. Bamsi Bay visits Sansa Cavus. He advises her to behave wisely but Sansa Cavus is not ready to understand anything. Bamsi Bay warns him for a fight if he will rebel against Kaise. Meanwhile, Mongolian soldiers are attacking the market, Konur Alpa and Artuk succeed in chasing them to the place where the other Alps wait to attack. As the Mongol soldiers arrive, they attack them and get their uniforms and begin to move towards the Mongol base.

In Episode 13, Kurulus Osman, Dundar Bey arrives to meet Balge and he surrenders to her. He informs her of Osman Bay’s exile. Balgay becomes happy and offers him the rank of a twilight bay, which Dandar Bay happily accepts. He also gives her some gold, a Mongolian flag and asks her to leave the place. When Dundar was talking to Bir Serkute, Osman and the Alps arrived there, dressed like Mongols. He is shocked to see Dundar Bee there. Zohare Hatun asked Selton Hatun to give Batur Alp some clothes and returned to the field. Meanwhile, Bamsi Bay and Abdul Rahman Ghazi are talking about Osman Bay, with Dunder Bay reaching the Kai Maidan waving the Mongolian flag. All are surprised while some are applauding him.

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In Episode 13, Kurulus Osman, Bamsi Bay meets Osman and informs him about the new Sanjak Bay. he gets angry. After seeing Salvador, Bamsi Beau attacks him but he stops her not betraying him. Osman Bay saves Salvador. He tells Bamsi Bay about this secret plan and then informs him of what is happening in the Siddiqui palace. Bamsi Bey becomes happy and hugs Siddiqui. Meanwhile, Sansa Cavas was talking to Beyoncé, Mongolian soldiers entered the tent and reported her coming to meet Balgai. Sansa gets angry and follows them. When Osman Bay opens the chest in the forest, he finds it empty. Osman Bay is betrayed once again by Bassur. He brings laws for his father. Knowing this, he set out for Kai Lane to execute Batur. Bala Hatun and Selkan Hatun talk about Osman Bay. After that, Mongolian soldiers succeeded in capturing Bala Hatun. Meanwhile, Osman Bay reaches the grounds and removes the Mongolian flag there. As he was about to attack Dundar Bir’s camp, he was wounded by a Mongolian arrow.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 14

What will Osman do to get back the law and the dagger? Will Bala understand Hatun Osman? How will Bala Hatun be saved from the Mongols? What is Sansa Cavas going to do? What is Sophia and Yannis’ next evil plan?

Kurulus Osman Episode 14 in English Subtitles


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