Kurulus Osman Episode 13 in English Subtitles

Review Kurulus Osman Episode 12

As soon as Kurulus Osman episode 12 began, Balge forced Selkon Hatun to drink the poison kumis he had brought for him but he managed to resist it. Bumpy Bee prepares to attack with Alps. Being aware of the situation, Bamsi Bay comes out and attacks Mongolian soldiers. They are killing a lot of soldiers, Balge yells at Dunder Boy to stop them but he also supports Kayes for raising his voice. Meanwhile, Kurulus Osman makes an entry. Osman and Balge argue about hanging each other but Osman Bay proposes to listen to him. Balge agrees with Osman Bay. They had not started yet, some soldiers showed up and brought a message for Gayathu. After reading the message, Balge asks Usman Bay what he has brought for him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Princess Sofia and Effendi Yannis are worried about the recent situation and they are angry at Osman Bey. Their next evil plan is to use Balgay. For this purpose, Yannis proposes to use Salvador as their spy. After Balgay asks Osman Bey, he turns back to his horse and brought a dagger for him. He tells them that this is the dagger protecting Cengiz Han’s laws. Balgay moves to the tent while asking Osman Bey and Dundar Bey to come inside. Balgay’s senior soldiers try to assure Balgay that Osman is lying. While examining the dagger carefully, Balgay asks Osman how he found it. Meanwhile, Balgay finds a message inside the dagger. After reading it, he agrees to do anything for achieving Cengiz Han’s laws. Osman Bey puts his condition in front of Balgay and summons all the Beys inside to take an oath in front of all. Kurulus Osman and Balgay repeat the terms in front of them and then Balgay accepted.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 12, Sofia and Yannis are torturing Salvador and they want to know about Osman Bey. Salvador agrees to bring information about Osman. Bamsi Bey asks Osman Bey from where he brought Cengiz Han’s laws but he refuses to tell him anything and leaves the tent. Osman Bey sets to bring the laws and meets the white-bearded men and informs them about Balgay’s agreement. They wish him best of luck and then Osman Bey meets Salvador and tells him to give information to Sopfia and Yannis about Osman’s bringing Cengiz Han’s laws to save his tribe. After that Osman Bey comes to Sheikh Edebali. They talk about the whole situation and Sheikh Edebali tells Osman Bey that how our Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) prepared for the Battle of Badr and ALLAH Almighty helped him. Kongar enters the prison tent and tortures them. While Konur Alp and Kongar are fighting, Konur Alp finds the mark on Kongar’s neck and comes to know that Kongar is his lost brother. Osman Bey sets out for the plain after getting the laws from Sheikh Edebali.

Will the Alps and Kayis will trust Osman Bey anymore? What is the secret that Osman Bey is hiding from everyone? What are the plans of Sheikh Edebali and Kurulus Osman? What will be the next evil plan of Yannis and Sofia? What will Osman do to handle this situation?

Kurulus Osman Episode 13 in English Subtitles

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