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Review Kurulus Osman Episode 11

As Kurulus Osman Episode 11 began, Mongolian commander Balgay offered Osman Bay to either accept Sanjak Bey’s rank or fight to the death. Usman Bey stares at Balge and says that he is made not to work under the savage but to rule the world. He will not relinquish his freedom for the position of just a fad boy. Soon, Kongra reaches there while handcuffing Dundr Baer and Gunduz Bei. Balge also orders his troops to bring Sheikh Edabeli there. Bala Hatun meets his father and apologizes. After succeeding in obtaining forgiveness, she kisses her father’s hand. Osman Bay succeeded in getting out of the tent after fighting the soldiers. The Alps of Osman also started fighting the Mongols. Usman informs him of Balagai’s intentions.

 In Kuralus Osman Episode 11, thereafter, Balge starts torturing Gunduz Bay. Osman Bay sets out to market with its Alps. Dandar BA Gunduz tries to defend BY that he did not know about Osman’s rebellion. Balge then moves towards him and orders him to accept Dander Bir unconditionally. Balge gave Dunder Bayer three days to bring Osman there. Dundar Bay and Gunduz Bay Kai then return to the field. Cellcon Hatun prepares all hats to be prepared for any attack. While Sheikh is talking to Adebali Ahis, Bala Hatun informs him of what has happened to Kayas and also that the Mongols attack the market. After hearing this, Adebly states that he will not escape rather than protest. Mongolian soldiers start attacking everyone present in the market. Ahis are facing them with bravery. Soon, the Mongols besieged Sheikh Adebili, but Osman Bay and the Alps reached the scene. He orders them to flee while Konur must be facing the small Mongolian troops. They occupy the Konur Alpa.

In Episode 11, Kurulus Osman, Sophia is harassing Salvador to find out what happened at Elisar Bay’s mansion. Meanwhile, he gets a message from Elisar Bay to host the Mongolian commander Balge. While fighting, Osman Bey and Sheikh Edabeli manage to escape, but Sansa Cavas is injured. Konur is harassing Alpa to learn about Kongur Osman and Edabali. Osman Bay is very angry and sad but Adebili encourages him to pick up the Turks. Sansa Cavas is injured, yet ready to rescue Konur Alpa. Meanwhile, Erkut brings news to Osman Bey that Nizamatin is a traitor and works for Efendi Yannis. While the women are ready to face any difficulty, Dandar Bay and Gunduz Bay reach there. After seeing them, the Batur Alp left the field in plain anger with the intention of stopping the Mongols. All of them are again accusing Usman. Alisar Bey goes to meet Balge and informs him of the Byzantine palace and also tells him that Princess Sofia will host him.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11, Osman says he will save Konur Alp but Edebali stops him at the spot. After executing Nizamettin, Osman Bey sends his dead body to Balgay’s tent and after seeing this, Alisar Bey gets angry. He says that nobody is aware of what are Osman’s intentions. After listening to this, Balgay slaps Alisar Bey. Balgay sets out for the castle while taking Nizamettin’s head. Sophia refuses to accept his loyalty to her. Sophia offers Balgay to make a deal. Balgay says he has come to make Sophia his concubine. Osman Bey is now planning to sneak into Sogut. Balgay says that he wants all the Byzantine’s castles. Sophia accepts what Balgay said and kisses his hands. Yannis also agrees to Sophia. After Balgay leaves the castle, Yannis and Sophia make the next evil plan.

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11, Osman and his Alps sneak into Sogut and come to know about Yannis’ arrival. Yannis says that all of the Byzantine’s soldiers and castles are now ready to work under Balgay. Osman tries to save Konur Alp but gets a trap. The other Alps are being captured by the Mongols. Osman Bey starts fighting Kongar and succeeds in leaving the church. Meanwhile, Batur AAlps reaches the inn and starts fighting the Mongolian soldiers. Balgay advances ahead and captures Batur Alp. After knowing about the Osman’s arrival, Balgay plans to visit the Kayi Plain. Osman Bey goes back to Edebali and asks him about the situation at the plain. Edebali tells him the story of the war of Uhud and the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

In Kurulus Osman Episode 11, Balgay ties the Alps as horses and sets out for the Kayi Plain. Osman Bey is now waiting for Siddique (Salvador) who has acted as a traitor on the request of Osman Bey.  Selcan Hatun takes Bamsi Bey to a tent where Gonca and Bala Hatun are preparing a poison. Osman Bey gets a knock being followed by some people. He has been kidnaped now. Balgay asks Dundar Bey about what Batur Alp did. Selcan Hatun objects to him. Balgay says Selcan Hatun to kumis and she accepts just to save Batur Alp. She secretly puts poison on the kumis. The kidnappers tell Osman Bey that they are Turks. After watching his father’s dagger, Osman Bey believes them. The white-bearded man encourages Osman not to lose hope. He advises him not to be in grief but rather stand up. Selcan Hatun offers the poisonous drink to Balgay but he says she has to drink it first. Osman Bey asks permission from the white-bearded man and sets out for the plain while taking chest.

Will Osman Bey be able to save his tribe from the Mongols? What will Selcan Hatun do now? Is Ertugrul’s dagger is a sign of his arrival in the coming episodes? What will be the next position of Alisar Bey? What is the next evil plan of the Byzantines?

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