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Review Kurulus Osman Episode 9

Kurulus Osman Episode 9 begins with the scene that Alisar Bei is present with his soldiers at Dundar Bei’s camp. He has arrived to arrest Osman Bay for the crime of hanging Kalano. As Alisar Bi moves forward, he is opposed by Selkan Hatun to Gunduz Bi. He tells what happened last night, but Kayes is not ready to hand Osman Bay to him. Alisar Bey makes sure to deal with justice and Usman Bey agrees to accompany her with a desire to meet Sophia. While Bamsi Bay is about to execute Salvador, he speaks of his desire to be a Muslim. Bamsi Bay does not believe him, but Salvador says that he will be their son throughout his life. While the soldiers are taking Usman to Alisar Bay’s kiosk, Osman’s Alps rescue him. Bansi Bay accepts Salvador’s will and becomes a Muslim.

In Kuralus Osman Episode 9, after Kai Maidan, Elisar Bay Sheikh goes to Adebali and asks her what happened last night. After sending Sansa Alp to seize the goldsmiths coming from the coma, Usman reaches the cave where Bamsi Bay is present. They are surprised to see Salvador doing disgusting things. At first they do not believe him but later accept him. Alisar Bais blames Usman Bay in front of Sheikh Edbali but he defends him. While Alisar Bei is coming out of Edabali’s camp, a soldier informs him that Osman has fled. After hearing this, Bala Hatun goes inside and asks Edabeli about Usman. Sophia is waiting to bring Alliser Bay with Usman. Meanwhile, Osman makes an entry with his Alps. They introduce her to Salvador but she refuses to know him. Salvador revealed some secrets and made sure to return the gold to Alisar Bi. Sophia tries to get out of there but Elisar Bay catches her.
 In Episode 9 Kurulus Osman, Sansa Bay arrives at the Caravanseri and is successful in killing them after capturing gold from the Mongols, but they are identified by a spy from Yannis. After knowing about the mysteries. Alliser Bey puts Sophia in the dungeon. Alisar Bey asks Usman about his love for Bala Hatun as to what he will do next. Meanwhile, a soldier comes in and informs him about the theft of gold. Alliser Bey departs for the Caravanasarai, where he meets Yannis who shows himself to be an astrologer and proves to him that Kayes is responsible for this theft. On the other hand, Sophia managed to escape from the dungeon with the help of Nizamatin. Osman Bey meets Bala Hatun and they talk about the recent situation. Bala Hatun asks him not to call him till his father’s will.

WeIn Episode 9, Kurulus Usman, Sophia arrives at the palace and they are happy to cheat once again. Bala Hatun comes back and tries to explain to Adebly why he met Usman. But Adebly asks him to realize his mistake. Osman Bay and the Alps are having dinner where they change the name of Salvador to Abubakra Siddiq. They also decide to give this gold to the poor. Alisar Bay asks his soldiers about Sofia’s escape. One of them says that the betrayal must be inside the mansion and Elisar Bay asks them to bring that astrologer. Osman Bey and Selkan Hatun talk about Aygul and also about their love Bala Hatun. Dundar Bey distributes new duties at Beys. After that, Gunduz Bay sets out for the market. Osman Bay leaves to spend time alone.

In Episode 9, Kurulus Osman, Elisar Bey goes to the Edibley and offers him a business partnership in return for which he wants Bala Hatun for himself. Edbali refused to accept his offers. Dundar Bay asks Usman Bey to marry Aygul for Kagis’ future. Gunduz Bey stops for some rest while going to the market. They are attacked by Elisar Bee’s soldier and Gunduz Bei is seriously injured. Alps brings Gunduz Bei back to the Kai Maidan. Meanwhile, an alpha comes in and tells Usman and Dundar about the incident. At first, he thought that Gunduz Bey was dead, but he soon found out that he was still breathing and started his treatment. Usman is extremely angry and says that Alisar Bi is responsible for this act. Osman and the Alps were ambushed.

Will Gunduz be okay? Is Osman Bay and Alps Rage a sign of an open war? What will Alisar Bay do in its defense? What will Bala Hatun do to please his father? What will be the next wicked plan of Yannis and Sophia?

Kurulus Osman Episode 10 in English Subtitles

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