Kurulus Osman episode 6 in English & Urdu Subtitles

Full HD Kurulus Osman episode 6 in English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman episode 5 in English Review

Kurulus Osman Episode 5 begins with a visit to the Kai Maidan from Byzantium. Sofia is talking to Dundor Bayer, with Kalanos market head Alliser Bay. There is a difference between their opinions as Kalanos is interested in judging Usman in the palace, while Eliser Bey wants to judge him in Sogut. In the end, they agreed to Sogut following Princess Sophia’s opinion. Sheikh Edabali asked Kurulus Osman to visit him. Gunduz Bey is searching for Dunder Bayer and his brother. Kurulus Osman orders his Alps to take Bala Hatun and Darsun Bean into the field so that they can be cured. And Kurulus Osman himself goes to meet Sheikh Adebili. Kurulus Usman wants Sheikh Adebali to visit Kai Maidan as soon as possible. As the Alps reach the field, Dunder Bi sends them to the captive tent. Bala Hatun’s condition is very sad because he was tortured a lot. Zohare Hatun is trying his best to fix it. Sheikh Edabali gave Kurulus Usman the idea of kidnapping Sophia as she is the daughter of Efendi Yannis after which he would be forced to give them treatment.

 Kayanos, Sophia, and Yannis plan to create misgivings in the Kai tribe. He planned to regain the treasure using the loving relationship of Kurulas Usman and Bala Hatun. As Eliser Bey came to know about Zahra Bala Hatun, he went to Kai Plain. On the other hand, Dundar’s son, Battur, goes to the captive tents and tortures Osman’s Alps. Kulil Osman is summoned to court by men sent by Alliser Bay. Sheikh Edabeli Kai comes to the ground and meets his daughter. Dandar Baer and Zohare Hatun learns that Aigul is in love with Kurulus Usman but Zohare wants him to marry Alliser Bey. After Adeballi comes to Kai Maidan, Dunder Bir gets upset.

 Gunduz Bey plans to kidnap Kursul Usman if he is worried about her. If they want the treasure back, Kalanos suggests attacking the Turks but Sophia is not his opinion. She suggests creating chaos among the Kai tribe. Kursi Osman together with Bamsi and Sama attacked the palace and kidnapped Sophia and Kalanos. Dundar Bey and Aliser Bey are talking about Usman’s trial while waiting for the Qadi (judges) to arrive. Kurulus Osman sends Kalanos back to Yannis to find out about his daughter’s kidnapping. Kalanos’ man goes to court and informs them about the action of Kurulus Osman. They get angry and Alisar goes out to search for Osman along with Baye Dander and Gunduz Bay.

 Kalanos arrives at the palace and Efendi informs Yannis that Sophia has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Kurulus Osman goes to Kai Maidan with Sofia to meet Bala Hatun. Dandar Bay, Gunduz Bay, and Elliser Bay also arrive there. Aliser Bey orders Alps to capture Kurulus Osman but Osman Alps interrupts him to do so. Kurulus Osman asks Sophia to judge him instead. Kalanos arrives at the same time, beating him up. Adebali kills Kalanos and gives Bala to Hatun. After which Kalanos confesses that the man behind all these crimes is Epandy Yannis and that Kurusal Osman is innocent in all these cases and vows to execute Yannis. Aliser Bey accepts their offer but Bamsi Bey accepts this decision. Kurulus Osman convinced Bansi Bay.

 Effendi Yanis apologizes to Allah. Bala Hatun is in good condition after drinking the antidote. Kurulus Osman talks to him and says that he will marry her when his father returns from Konya. Meanwhile, he realizes that his Alps have been arrested. He goes to Dandar Bay’s camp to ask him what he did to Battur. He tells Usman that blood washes away blood. After hearing this, Usman stabbed himself in the shoulder. Sophia is returned to Yannis and she talks with him in the palace. Yannis agrees to be executed tomorrow. Ayugul is crying for Usman but his mother scolds him and says that she will marry Alliser Bey. The injured Usman arrives at Ertugrul’s camp where he is healed by Gunduz Bei. Bamsi Bey and Alps are waiting for Usman to come and dine with them but Bamsi tells them to start eating while hiding the final schedule.

Sheikh Edabali comes to meet Kurulus Usman and teaches him a lesson about justice, referring to cutting off the thief’s hand and stabbing himself. Ayugul comes to the tent that houses Bala Hatun, and blames him for all of that. She tells him to stop chasing Usman. Bala Hatun says that Kurulus Usman wants to be alone and cannot be controlled. Aygul gets angry and asks them to leave Kai Maidan. As the sun rises, Kurulus Osman learns that Sheikh Edebali and Bala Hatun have left the Kai Maidan. Kurulus Osman tries to find them in the market. In doing so, he goes to the same secret room where another person is waiting for him. Kurulus Osman moves closer to him and asks who he is. She realizes that she is Efendi Yannis.

So the question arises what is Yenis doing there? Will he be hanged? Will Usman Sheikh be able to find Edbali and his love Bala Hatun? What is the next evil plan of the Byzantium side? What will Osman decide when he learns about Usman?

Kurulus Osman episode 6 in English Subtitles

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