Fireball meteor over Brazil may have come from another solar system

Fireball meteor over Brazil may have come from another solar system

Last month, on May 30, a fiery meteor exploded in the sky of the Brazilian city of Rio Grande do Sul. Experts believe the fireball could be the third interstellar object to visit the solar system.

Only two things created outside our solar system have ever been recorded before passing through Earth, one in 2017 and the other in 2019.

Most comet and light observations from Earth are localized in our solar system orbiting the sun.

But a space rock that became a ball of fire on Brazil’s Rio Grande dosalis on May 30 may have come from ‘outside the solar system’, based on the Brazilian Meteor Watch Network (Bramon) about its speed and velocity. ۔

“The evolution of a soil meteorite that occurred on May 30 at the Rio Grande do Sul may have come from an interstellar meteorite,” the organization said in a statement.

The space rock is considered to be Earth-avoidance due to its low angle, which caused it to hit the Earth’s atmosphere at only 6.1 degrees, shining 101 miles (162.7 kilometers) south of Capo Comprado, RS.

According to NASA, arthropods “can travel long distances before they are short enough to burn completely.”

Bramon initially determined that fireball was the real thing after analyzing records from two cameras in Takara, Rio Grande do Sul and Tingri, Santa Catarina.

The agency also highlighted the “tremendous speed” of the space rock, noting that it was traveling at 143,350 miles (230,700 kilometers) per hour.

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He covered 151 miles (243.6 km) in 3.8 seconds before disappearing east of Carlos Barbosa, RS.

The agency added that “a very fast meteor could trigger a comet, which could come from far or outside the solar system.”

“If confirmed, this would be the first interstellar meteor recorded by Braman, indicating that this phenomenon is extremely rare and deserves more in-depth study,” Bramon added.



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