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Direct Play .Net || Teskilat Urdu Subtitles By Directplay

Watch Direct Play .Net Teskilat Turkish Series In Urdu Subtitles By Direct Play .Net Watch All Episodes Of Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost Ultra Hd Quality

The theme of this drama serial, which is highly anticipated with its strong cast and excellent production, will reveal the mission behind MIT. The team, led by veteran intelligence officer Matt B. (Mesut Acosta), is trained to carry out a number of covert operations at home and abroad. To make these operations more effective and efficient, team members are declared dead on paper and “officially”.

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مترجمہ بالعربیہ?

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مترجمہ بالعربیہ?

Mr. Mete met individually with Zehra (Deniz Basal Yartko), Hockey Uncle (Tonser Salman), Chinar (Izgi Senlar), Halki (Nihat Altinkaya), Oze (Sardar Yagin) and Gorkin (Ahmet Ugur). And he told each of them that the person who brought you to the team, whoever knows him and his family, should know that he is dead. And everyone is offered to accept this offer. Of

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The agency’s most famous name, Sardar Kilkaslan (Kegler Ertugrul), is chosen to lead the team that brings together the organization’s best intelligence officers. While the Sardar is entangled between his love for his homeland and his love for Seren (Easy Abigolo) (because she knows that the Sardar has been declared “dead” only for the fulfillment of this mission). The other members of the team of intelligence officers are also mastering their field, because they think they are on an irreversible path.

Direct Play Teskilat In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat The Organization in Urdu:
The formation series revolves around Turkey’s National Intelligence Service and covers many of the tasks it has performed. In addition, many great stories will be shown. The series will be directed by Aegis Alp Aikiden. He has previously made the Covenant series, the first season of Ramo, and the film The Bad Boy.

In the formation series, which will be in the form of a troop chain. The story of a special unit operating under the supervision of the National Intelligence Service will be shown. Soldiers of this secret army have carried out many successful operations in the country and abroad. No one knows them, and even when they were martyred, no one knows when or why they were martyred. But the nation is grateful to these secret heroes.

In this regard, a series of operations carried out between 1980 and 2000 by Scully and his counter-terrorism management team have been filmed behind the scenes. Producers of various movies and TV series who have come up with such a plan while fighting the epidemic of coronavirus. Yousuf Kartolo,

Direct Play Net Teskilat In Urdu Subtitles

Ahmed Yaziki and Ismail Darmoosh Kanjir made statements and said that they filmed and published the series under difficult circumstances. He also expressed satisfaction that the format reached so many fans and admirers in such a short time.

Direct Play .Net || Teskilat Urdu Subtitles By Directplay
Direct Play .Net || Teskilat Urdu Subtitles By Directplay
Watch Teskilat All Episodes In Urdu Direct Play

Even in these circumstances, the preparation of episodes of the series is going on in a positive way and fast. In addition, in the following episodes of the “Configuration” TV series, the study required to include famous faces began.

Teşkilat will be the main Turkish offer ever to provide bits of data within Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency, which has been kept secret and called “The Citadel”. The series deals with the battles, salaries and design of the seven allies. Those who sacrifice their lives for their homeland, and behave as they please, have become superfluous from the point of view of living underground.

Filmed in Ankara, Teşkilat is also the premiere because it has consistently passed its grade and will detail amazing encounters with true legends throughout Turkey’s entire existence. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in the last episodes, but it’s been a long time coming.

Mr. Overseas met freely with Zahra (Deniz Basil Yurtko), uncle of hockey (Tonser Salman), Banar (Ezji Senlar), Halki (Sculptor of purification), Oz (Sardar Yagin) and Gurkin (Ahmed Ugur), whom he met and looked together and told each one of them that both He knows him and his family must “realize that he is dead” and offer them to understand.

Directplay Teskilat With Urdu Subtitles

Serdar Kilicaslan (Caglar Ertuğrul), the most popular name in the business environment, was chosen to relate this social event, which is related to the best understanding of communication. Direct Play .Net While the country’s tribal leaders Direct Play .Net are among Sirin (Ezci Eyupoglu) for his glamor and adoration (in the way he thinks Ceren de Serdar “died” as part of this mission), Direct Play .Net data experts on social issues of different people, each gaining a supportive attachment to their field, understand that they They will go a way of no return.

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