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Destan Episode 24 With English

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Did you know that a woman was once the  true power behind the Roman Empire? Julia Domna was a Roman empress born in Emesa,  Syria, who lived between 160 to 217 CE. She   was the wife of Roman emperor Septimius Severus  and mother to the emperors Geta and Caracalla.   Whilst her husband and then her son was  emperor, Julia Domna exercised some power;   the extent of it is still being disputed, but  there is evidence for her receiving petitions,   management of official correspondence and management the empire.

She was well-read and astute in   political matters and surrounded herself with  artists, scholars and thinkers, and gained the   title “Mother of Camps” from 195 CE, due to her  accompanying Severus on campaign, and eventually   her title was extended to “Mother of Augustus, of the Camps, of the Senate and of the Country”. In 160 CE, Julia was born at Emesa, Syria and  his last name, Domna, means “black”, which means to do with the sun god El-Gabal (Elagabalus), whose  cult stone was black.

A cognomen is something like   an extra name given to a Roman citizen; it was  something personal which functioned a bit like   a nickname, but was typically passed from father  to son. Her family was a wealthy and politically   well-connected one, and the site of Emesa was  both an important religious and commercial center location . His father was a high priest of the sun god El-Gabal, and her older sister, Julia Maesa,   she also ended up being the grandmother of two future Roman emperors – Elagabalus and Severus Alexander.  

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