Corona vaccine experiment failed, Bill Gates was shocked
Corona vaccine experiment failed, Bill Gates was shocked

Corona vaccine experiment failed, Bill Gates was shocked

The German biotech company Keurweek, backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, failed the third and most important phase of the experimental Covid 19 vaccine trial. This is the first failure of any critical vaccine.

According to CureWeek, in the interim results, the effectiveness of the vaccine was only 47%, which is less than the research target and less than the 50% standard set by the World Health Organization.

This failure is also a blow to the global vaccine vaccine, as European countries alone have agreed to buy more than 400 million doses of the vaccine.

However, despite the disappointing results, the company’s CEO Franz Warner Haas said: “We will complete the final trial as soon as possible. The trial is still ongoing and the final results may increase or decrease the effectiveness of the vaccine.

“We are still planning to apply for the vaccine,” said Franz Warner. Cureweek is backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and its share price has fallen more than 50 percent since the announcement of the interim results.

Bill Gates’ company owns 3.1 million shares of the company. The company said in a statement that new strains of the corona virus had contributed to the results. During the trial, 134 volunteers were diagnosed with the code and only one of them was diagnosed with the original virus.

According to Franz Warner, although we were expecting tangible results, we acknowledge that achieving greater efficiency in a variety of fields is no less of a challenge.

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The results are even more astonishing because the mRNA technology of this vaccine is similar to the most effective vaccines so far, namely Pfizer, BioNT and Moderna, whose vaccines were released in the results of the final trials released late last year. More than 90% were effective.

Earlier, the results of the final phase of the Nova Vaccine code vaccine showed that it was 90% effective in protecting against the disease. According to the company, the focus will now be on the second generation Corona vaccine, for which it has partnered with GlaxoSmithKline.

CureWeek expects the second-generation vaccine to be tested on humans by the end of September and could be introduced in 2022.



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