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Battle of Orbulak – a battle in the Kazakh-Jungar wars in which kazahivo led Zhangir Khan Zhalantos batyr in 1643 defeated a superior army Erdeni Batur.

Zhangir Khan with 600 officers are profoundly settled in the valley of the waterway Orbulak Dzungarian Alataui held up in snare until the appearance of the primary powers of the Kazakhs in the way of an obscure number of Junggar armed force (by wellspring of around 50 thousand individuals), headed by Erdeni-Batur. Half of champions coordinated check in the manner, and the lay spread out on the bluffs, subsequently setting up a trap dzhungar.

In this fight, the Kazakhs was first hugely utilized guns, and in the principal hours Dzungars lost numerous troopers walking in front. Dzhungaria needed to pound a little separation of the Kazakhs. Since the start of the Kazakhs Jungars met with harmed bolts. An impasse Zhangir Khan utilized smoke blossom sasykteke. Champions Zhungars harmed by smoke. Kazakh warriors wearing veils spread with goat margarine. Furthermore, it has helped them not harmed by poisonous exhaust. What’s more, the fighters were drinking harmed milk drink mendua.

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Watch And Download Battle Of Orbulak Episode 1 English Subtitles

Watch And Download Battle Of Orbulak Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

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