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Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

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Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost
Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu & English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Barbarossa Episode 21 Release Date

  • Series Name: Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)
  • Season: 1
  • Language: Turkish (English & Urdu Subtitles)
  • Release Date: 03-02-2022
  • Production: ES Films

Barbarossa Episode 22 is wondering if the baby of Bala Hatun was born after Aygül Hatun After Aygül Hatun leaves, Alam Shah will take the womens with him But the issue is still the same What happened to Alauddin’s birth? Bala Hatun asked Selcan Hatun if her baby was OK At that moment, it seems the baby was born But maybe the baby is not well And then leaving the tribe, Barbarossa Episode 22

Bala Hatun did not have any child So everyone thought he might have been left in the tent And by taking it with them, there is no risk of falling prey to the intentions of Alam Shah In fact, all the confusion has been created in this scene As she leaves the tribe of Bala Hatun, it seems from her scene that the child has not been born Selcan Hatun’s scene suggest that the baby was born, Barbarossa Episode 22

Barbarossa Episode 22 Urdu

but not well Actually, something like this can happen here That the child has not been born And that’s why Bala Hatun may have asked if her baby was OK The astonishing effects of Selcan Hatun disturbed everyone here But we told you that maybe Bala Hatun is having a hard time during pregnancy And the reason is the wound of his past But it is more likely that her baby has not been born Details of other important events of the trailer will be explained Barbarossa Episode 22

But first let’s talk about kosis Whose character is now liked by everyone On the contrary, some scenes have won the hearts of all Kosis rescue of Osman And to put his hand on his heart like Osman Bay and say, Evyallah, was very pleasing to everyone’s heart But during all of this, Kosis said he would return to his castle Then again, these two will be in competition with each other So now everyone’s attention is on that Barbarossa Episode 22

Barbarossa Episode 22 In Urdu

Whether Kosis will emerge as the enemy from now on As long as the Mongol Geyhatu is here Until then, Kosis has to support Osman Bey And then because of personal enmity with Nicola, he will stay away from him and close to Osman Bey Because he has been greatly influenced by Osman Bey and his soldiers But right now that’s the question on everyone’s mind When will Kosis become a Muslim? Barbarossa Episode 22

It is too early to think Because history has a long way to go But keep in mind that Kosis role in the series will not be bad anymore On the contrary, he will always be seen as Osman Bey’s partner in some issue And Kosis Muslim will be later But already his friendship with Osman Bey will grow stronger And then after the conquest of the İnegöl fortress and many battles after 1304 he will be a Muslim Barbarossa Episode 22

? Barbaroslar Episode 22 In Urdu | Hindi Hindi Dubbing?

But he is already influenced by Osman Bey’s character When will Alam Shah die? Before we talk about that, let’s talk about Turgut Bey The scene of which had shocked everyone in the last episode In the end, Turgat Bey was hit by an arrow fired by Alam Shah This scene was so dangerous that everyone was stunned Turgut Bey also found the arrow to be the first and most dangerous And Alam Shah entered

the War ground And he is also almost close to the heart So everyone is worried that maybe such an arrow will separate him from all of us Keep calm And have high hopes for your heroes Brave as Turgut Bey who has defeated countless infidels on the battlefield He is not just a conqueror with an arrow And the Turgut Bey in series is unlikely to go away He is going to stay in the series for a long time, at least until the victory of İnegöl Fortress

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles

Now we come to the part where we talk about Alam shah Who has put his breath in everyone’s nose His evil tricks from all sides have disturbed everyone Now the patience of the fans is also responding And they are trembling with rage as to when he will kill them And the end will come Alam Shah himself is taking every step Which is leading him to his end The last step taken by Alam Shah He has thrown himself into such a pit That he will not be able to get out of it now

It is to be noted that Alam Shah’s role in the series has weakened after the entry of Güngör Bay from Germiyanoğulları. The focus will now be on Güngör Bey And Alam Shah’s plans will fail It is hoped that in the next two to three episodes, this filth of the earth Alam Shah will be killed And Osman Bey will strengthen his lost dignity and the legacy of the Turks by blowing his neck with his hands.

Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles

But at the same time, the most confusing topic is konur Everyone liked konur’s approach to Osman Bey And everyone is eager to see him formally in his ranks as the hero of Osman Bey He is currently spying on Alam Shah And Osman Bey had set up such an ambush to keep him safe and avoid suspicion In which konur saved Alam Shah And removed his doubts and suspicions But to say that Alam Shah is not a connoisseur is not satisfactory Because evil minds like Alam Shah are probably keeping an eye on konur and His removal of konur on various occasions makes it clear that he has doubts about konur And that he is repeatedly

talking about a betrayal in front of konur Now konur will help Osman Bey to save his wives Soon his true face will also come before Shah And at the same time the end of Alam Shah will be closer Episode 84 of the Kuruluş Osman series will air on March 2 How impatient you are to see konur shoulder to shoulder with him as a soldier of Osman Bey Be sure to let us know in the comments Like and share the video

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? Barbaroslar Episode 22 English Subtitles ?

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