What is the speed of the world’s fastest trains flying without wings? – 12 December 2021

Newcomers are facing climate change, and short-haul flights have become increasingly unpleasant for many passengers. According to US broadcaster CNN, high-speed rail is the most effective alternative to air travel for journeys of up to 1,100 kilometers.

Transferring passengers between city centers at speeds of up to 290 kilometers per hour or more, it offers a great combination of speed and convenience.

Billions of dollars have been invested in new high-speed, high-capacity railways in Europe and Asia in the 1980s, starting with Shinkansen in Japan and Train A Grand Vitas (TGV) in France.

Over the past decade, China has become an undisputed world leader, building a 38,000-kilometer network of railways reaching almost every corner of the country. Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom are expanding the European network with other countries

In 2018, Africa launched its first high-speed train with the inauguration of the Al-Baraq Line in Morocco.
Below we will give you the details of the world’s fastest trains.

1: Shanghai Maglev

What is the speed of the world's fastest trains flying without wings?
What is the speed of the world’s fastest trains flying without wings?

At number one on the list is China’s Shanghai Maglev, the world’s fastest train.
Its maximum commercial speed is 460 km per hour, it completes a journey of 30 km in just seven and a half minutes.

2: CR400 Fuse

CR400 Fuse

Second is China’s CR400 Fuse train, which travels at a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour. It has more than 16 bogies and can carry a maximum of 1200 passengers.

3: ICE3


Germany’s world-renowned InterCity Express (ICE) brand covers a large family of high-speed trains deployed on various routes.
Its fastest train is the ICE3, which travels at a speed of 330 kilometers per hour.

world’s fastest trains


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