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Teskilat Episode 48 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Now ❤ Watch And Download Teskilat Episode 48 With English Urdu Subtitles Free Of Cost | Teskilat Episode 48 | Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 With English Urdu Subtitles | TeskilatEpisode 48 With English | Teskilat Episode 48 Urdu | Teskilat Episode 48

Teskilat Episode 48 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

Teskilat Episode 48 With English Urdu Subtitles Free

The victory of the Yarhisar But the fire was deliberately fanned And a mistake was made On the one hand, the historic victory of the fort was overlooked And then a scene came up that caused a stir No one would have dreamed that the series could bring such a surprise In this way, Bala Hatun gave the good news to everyone, Teskilat Episode 48

including Osman Bey, that she was going to be a mother But fans were shocked at the news And they were forced to think about the intentions of the Kurulus Osman series team And what they want to prove A little change in history is possible But the opposite scene is astonishing Now everyone’s question is whether Bala Hatun will have more children Or is it just an excuse to remove him from the series?

Or Osman Bey’s second daughter Melek will be born to Bala Hatun These questions have confused the minds of the fans Viewers do not need to explain this in great detail Because everyone already knew very well that the Bala had only one son, Alaeddin. But in the last episode, we found out that Bala is about to, Teskilat Episode 48

become a mother again This is a very surprising topic And everyone is wondering what history is going to play with The first fear in the minds of the fans is that it is planned to separate the upper lady from them.

That is, perhaps Bala will die at the birth of the same child And maybe even the baby won’t survive We don’t think so Nothing will happen to Bala on this occasion But this child will not survive This incident has been brought up only to increase the interest in the series It has nothing to do with history Now some questions are coming up that maybe Osman Bey’s second daughter Melik will be born to Bala Viewers will tell you that there is a difference of opinion as to whether Osman Bey had one daughter or two The Melik woman is actually called the Fatima woman, Teskilat Episode 48

It was later confirmed by later historians that the Melik Hatun was called Fatima Hatun That is, Osman Bey had only one daughter And they don’t expect any children from the Bala Hatun This child of Bala will die before she is born And this accident will make the woman above very sad Some historical events are recorded

that Bala had left the kayi tribe and lived in Sogut for some time Maybe it will happen on this occasion But history records that when Alauddin was eleven years old, she went to Sogut with him. And Alauddin was studying under Sheikh Edebali Even if this happens, after a short break, they will return to the tribe from Sogut So stay calm, they will not be separated from us yet

We will also talk about who is returning from the Noyan series But let me tell you first that a character has announced his departure from the series Gence Bay has dropped out of the series and is said to have gone to Susha Meanwhile, he has announced on social media that he will meet Osman Bey next season It is only a matter of time before he announces his departure from the series

We told you they would be coming up next season And now it has been confirmed Well now they will be away from this season Speaking of the Mongols, as soon as he came out of the Cebe it seemed that he was the son of Noyan and Togay’s brother. But his character is not strong enough to be seen as Noyan’s son But a dangerous Mongol is mentioned in the series If you remember,

there was talk of Salmus People are still confused about who he was Viewers This was the same Mongol commander who, along with a group of Mongol troops, revolted against Ghazan Khan. The reason was that he was demanding a higher post from Ghazan Khan which was not given to him, Teskilat Episode 48

Teskilat Episode 48

He then revolted and joined the Mamluks But when he returned to Anatolia, he mustered an army and began to spread unrest But he was captured from Ankara and taken to Tabriz Where he was tortured to death Now it is being speculated that only Noyan’s son or grandson could carry out such a coup

In other words, if Salmus was shown in the series, then it must have some connection with the newcomers On the one hand, the news of Bala hatun becoming a mother has sparked a debate On the other hand, everyone wants to know about Sultan Alauddin III Who is currently on the throne Most people don’t have any specific information about it Because history does not remember them very well, Teskilat Episode 48

Teskilat Episode 48 Urdu

It was the Mongols who put them on the throne and ruled them according to their whims That is to say, he is known to have had a very strict attitude and was very strict with the people Now everyone will want to know what their relationship will be with Osman Bey Will they support them or oppose them?

In the series, the Seljuk minister is seen coming with some soldiers to the kayi tribe All eyes are on what is going to happen It is clear that as soon as the Mongols return to the series, the Seljuks return Because now the Mongols and the Seljuks are tied with the same rope Explain the purpose of the visit of the Seljuk minister Now there are two possibilities He will save Osman Bey from congratulating him on his great victories and will probably warn him to break away from the great

Byzantine Empire. And secondly, he will ask Osman Bey to do something about the rebellious Mongols But whatever it is, with the arrival of the Seljuks there is a possibility of increasing difficulties Speaking of Sultan Allauddin, he will be a supporter of Usman Bay or not

Teskilat Episode 48 English

The attitude of Sultan Alauddin is clear But history records that Osman Bey was sent by the first military band, Sultan Alauddin And they saluted the new rising empire This was written in a letter sent by him Now everyone is waiting for how all these events will be shown in the series As for the Mongol commander Cebe, we mentioned in the last video some details of his deception. Teskilat Episode 48

And then there was the hand of the pocket in filling the rift between Osman Bey and Ali Bey Osman Bey will definitely warn him when it reaches Cebe while investigating these matters But next time he will not be threatened, he will be beheaded There is no doubt about it It is clear that Cebe will be killed in three to four episodes

The series has shown a team gap of two months And there is no chance of a break before the season finale In fact, with the start of the new season, there may be some breaks Visitors must visit the link in the description to know the history of Great Osman Ghazi If you like today’s video, please like and share it See You Soon! Teskilat Episode 48

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 48 English Subtitles

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