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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 | Osman Episode 96

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 Urdu

He repeatedly tried to persuade everyone by convening a jirga of Turkish chiefs But there is always someone who is slow to understand the great intentions of Osman Bey Disagreements with the Turk tribes often make the Kayi’s more difficult And it is still happening Everyone was very happy when Ali Bey came

Because with so many enemies and traitors, a new supporter emerged Which was quite strong But not even a few moments came to him and the enemies began to move Which was quite successful It is not that removing Ali Bey from Osman Bey will only harm Osman Bay Even Ali himself will be in trouble

Osman Bey was thinking of attacks and victories on the enemies He will be entangled in this new matter Turgut Bey, who is accused of killing Ahmed Osman Bey will have to work hard to save him Not only Turgut Bey but also his alliance with Ali Bey has to save Osman Bey After arguing with Osman Bey, Ali Bey is wandering around We saw in the trailer that he was in the woods with his caravan Her son is injured

Now the person who will benefit from these conditions can only be Barkin On the one hand, he will continue to provoke Mustafa And then Ali Bey will be more against Osman Bey Since Barkin is a Turk, Ali Bey will come to his senses to some extent Barkin never misses an opportunity to secretly attack Osman Bey He can do anything to ruin her reputation In the trailer, too, he was heard telling the Selvi woman that Osman would burn not only them but all the Turkish tribes.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 96 English

The first allegation will be against Osman Bey He will not be able to protect the people who come to him Earlier, Umar and Aywaz Bey had come to meet Osman Bey And on the way he was martyred This is what Barkin and Arius did Now, once again, the Turkish chief coming towards Osman Bey has been attacked And Osman is in trouble Barkin will now serve as a firebrand between the two

Turkish chiefs And will make Ali Bey more against Osman Bey The best source would be Mustafa Unsurprisingly, Osman will pay attention to Barkin’s actions Who is working secretly behind all these matters Remember that Barkin’s role will no longer be stretched This betrayal will also be exposed after the innocence of Turgut Bey is proved and Ali Bey’s is disunited Osman. These matters will not take much time This issue will be resolved in two to three episodes

And we will see Romanos, Barkin and Cebe being beheaded one after another Everyone was skeptical about Barkin, but remember that his end is now in the same season Fans want to know if Cerkutay and Aygulhave any more children Viewers had earlier been pleased with the presence of kayi Alp in the series

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