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Kurulus Osman Episode 7 in English and Urdu Subtitles

Review 6 Episode Kurulus Osman

As soon as Kurulus Osman Episode 6 began, Kurulus Osman enters Sheikh Adebali’s secret room and finds Ippandi Yannis there. Kurulus Usman asks Efendi Yannis why he is with Sheikh Edabeli. But Yannis says he doesn’t know about them. Selkon Hatun and his companions are eating at the caravanserai while entering Sofia. Yannis warns Usman of killing Sailman Hatun if Osman will try to execute him. Sophia asks for an allowance to sit at Cellcon’s table. In great anger, Usman Bey pushes Yannis but he shows him the dagger of Hem Ana Hatun and bargains. Yannis also proposed to tell Qurbul Usman about the murderers of Aybar. Kurulus Osman relieves Yannis and he tells him that the Catalonian prince Salvador is the murderer of the Aybar and they are hiding in the forest.

On the other hand, the Kines have killed someone else instead of Yannis. Bamsi Bay is skeptical of this implementation. Meanwhile, Sheikh Adebali and Bala Hatun enter the Caravanserai. Bala Hatun and Selkan Hatun talk to each other. Kuralus Osman, after successfully finding Prince Salvador, attacked him with his Alps. Alisar Bayar wishes Dungar Bay to marry Aygul. Salvador successfully exits the raid. Kurulus Osman set out for the Kai Maidan in the great hostage. Selakan Hatun also reaches there and asks Zohare Hatun about Usman who appears there.
 In the next scene of Kurulus Osman Episode 6, Usman Bay captures the Aybar murderers and brings them to Bamsi Bay. After which Bursin Hatun apologized to Usman. Bamsi Bay executes all the killers of her son in front of everyone. Kurulus Osman is very happy to meet Selaskan Hatun. Meanwhile, Kurulus Osman dodged Helena Ana Hatun to Selkon Hatun. He then asks about what happened at Caravanserai. Selkon Hatun tells her about her meeting with Sophia and Bala Hatun. Knowing this, Kurulus Osman set out for the caravanserai. Yannis, Kalanos and Sofia are talking when Salvador enters the palace. Sheikh Edabeli and his friends also know about the fake hanging of Yannis. Kurulus Osman enters the Caravanserai and Bala talks to Hatun seeing him and asks Sheikh to meet Adebali. But Sheikh Edabali is not there.

Bala Hatun and Kurulus Osman are now waiting for him while Bala Hatun tells him what Aigul said. After hearing this, Kurulus Osman left the caravanserai. On the other hand, Dunder Baer asks Aigul to marry Alisar Bi. Ayugul says that she respects her father’s decision but Dunder Bei gives her time about the decision. Dander Bir and Zohare talk about Selkun Hatun while eating Hatun. Selkon Hatun assimilated Osman Bay and Battur. The Alps are interrogating the person caught and are aware of their next plan to attack Sansa Cavus’ ground. He informed Usman Bay. Kaurulus Osman tells Selton Hatun about his love for Bala Hatun. He asks her to meet Sheikh Edabeli for this and she accepts. Knowing of his next plan, Kurulus Osman set out for the Sansa Cavus grounds with his Alps. Both sides are ready for war.Meanwhile, Kurulus Osman and the Alps are captured by trap sets by Salvador’s men. Zohare Hatun convinces Aigul to marry Alisar Bei for his father’s strength. Sofia and Kalanos reach Kai Maidan. Salvador is asking Usman and the Alps about Sheikh Edabeli while torturing them. Sheikh Edabeli dreams a dream and learns that Kurulus Osman is in danger. Adebly sends his men to find him. Sofia and Kalanos offer a plan but Selkon Hatun replies that they will consider it. The men of Edabali found the Alps and Osman Bay. They send one of them to inform Sheikh Idli. Dundar Bey is supporting the offer but Bamsi Bey and Selcan Hatun are not of the opinion.

Meanwhile, Abdurrahman Alpa enters the tent and informs him of Ertugerul’s disease and tells him that Ertugrul will be treated at Keseri. Sheikh Edabeli, after knowing about Kurulus Osman, worked to free him. Ertugrul authorizes Beyar Dooyar Bey as the leader of the Kai tribe and orders him all. Meanwhile, they find out that Demirbuken Alpha has been martyred, Erkut is a minor wounded and Kurulus Osman is captured. Now in this situation, what will BIS decide to do? What will be the order of Dundar Bi? Will Sheikh Edabeli redeem Kurulus Usman? What is the next wicked plan of the Byzantine side? Will Aigul marry Aligul? Will Sheikh Adebly agree to Oman’s marriage to Bala Hatun?

Kurulus Osman Episode 7 in English Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 7 in Urdu  Subtitles


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