If you watch pornography, how can you get rid of it?

There is a lot of content on the internet these days that even if you don’t want to see it, you somehow find inappropriate pornography.


So friends, whatever the type of intoxication, it results in the ruin of life, and something like this is There is a lot of content on the internet these days that even if you don’t want to see it, you somehow find inappropriate pornography.


Although in the beginning people are not accustomed to it, but gradually the person who sees it becomes accustomed to it.

Most young people have a habit of watching pornography on the internet and other means, they can no longer control themselves, but the reality is quite the opposite. You can get rid of it but for that you have to follow a few instructions. Here are some things you have to follow which we will tell you about in today’s script. Must read this script till the end

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Friends, if you have any kind of habit, do you search for such content on the internet and see that it is very obscene, then it is not a big deal because it is human nature. The thing that is most visible gets used to it very quickly, especially the frustrated things that are strictly forbidden in Islam to look at and incline towards.


But after reaching the age of puberty, our brain automatically begins to incline towards it. There is nothing wrong with that. You can save yourself from these bad habits. For this, there are some things you have to follow. There is a small change in life that requires you to immediately delete videos of pornographic content on your mobile and computer or any related content on your device, and a ways use such browsers. If you use YouTube, you can use  kids YouTube . If you use YouTube, you can use it.

Friends, the second way is to protect yourself from it so that you can make a positive difference in your life, such as sitting close to good friends and spending more time with family, because the company of good people. I will teach you good things. Your mind will be diverted from these things and your attention will not be focused on the wrong things. Also, increase your food intake. Eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates.


Carbohydrates are foods that include milk, eggs and fresh fruit. You should consume them frequently as they keep your mind energized.

Also, exercise regularly, participate in sports more, that is, keep yourself so busy in a task that your energy is wasted in that task, and when you keep yourself busy in these tasks, you will automatically You will not have time to watch porn videos and you will not be inclined towards these things. Also, get up early in the morning and get out of the habit of going to bed late at night. Arrange prayers regularly because when someone If a person prays five times, it shows that he has to bow before Allah five times, so he keeps himself clean and pure, because prayer prevents a person from doing evil.

Pay attention to your religion Try to keep your thinking positive Keep negative and immoral thinking friends away from you because you learn a lot from friends because of their thinking

 If you make such a positive change in your life, we guarantee that you will soon be able to keep yourself away from such obscene things and feel the positive changes in your life.

 So friends, this is the method I wanted to share with you all, there is no shame in it, because most of us young people are caught up in this evil because of the use of internet and they think that We can’t keep ourselves out of these things, but I felt that we should share this information with people who want to change or can change themselves, so friends, this is our today. Short informative script

Inshallah you will meet your friends again in the next script. Until then you should take good care of your friends, relatives and all the people around you and remember us in your prayers. Allah is the Guardian.


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