Savaşçı Episode 6 English Subtitle ( Warrior Episode 6 ) Full HD

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Watch Savaşçı Episode 6 English Subtitle ( Warrior Episode 6 )

Savaşçı ( Warrior ) Story Line

WARRIORS is the story of dedicated heroes who serve in the toughest conditions in the world and endure every difficulty you can imagine; The Maroon Berets. Our story begins with two commanders of the Maroon Berets’ elite unit The Sword Team’s Colonel Halil Ibrahim and Captain Kagan Bozok’s getting out of the prison,

gathering the team and going back to the service. The Sword Team will go to every place needed, be the clenched fist and strong wrist of Turkey with their superior skills, sense of mission and endless love for their country. These young men, who carry the weight of their love, longing and difficulties they face, is ready to give up everything for their country. Because for them “if it’s for the country, the rest is history

Savaşçı ( Warrior ) Series Details

Official Sites Facebook | Instagram
Also known asRazboinicul
Country of originTurkey
Original language(s)Turkey
Original release9 April 2017 (Turkey)
Running time 2H30M minutes (per episode)
First shown inTurkey

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