Apple ios 15 Date Release and New Features Leaked And More info

Apple ios 15 Date Release and New Features Leaked And More info

According to French tech outlet iPhoneSoft, iOS 15 will introduce a redesigned Control Center for iPhones and iPad, as well as support for dual biometric authentication via Face ID and Touch ID. Moreover, the new Control Center will borrow design ideas from macOS Big Sur, featuring support for drag and drop customization.

Although no particular images have been disclosed it is expected that iOS 15 will introduce a similar-looking design as the previous version with a few changes. However, for dual biometric authentication, this would be an exclusive feature for the iPhone 13. This feature basically includes two stages of identification before unlocking certain iPhone functions.

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The system would require users to authenticate their biometrics through both Face ID and Touch ID, implying that the iPhone 13 may become the first iPhone to feature both forms of identification. For Touch ID, Apple is expected to introduce an under-display fingerprint scanner, which would bring the device in line with several Android flagship phones which already use the feature.Apple ios 15 Date Release

All these highlights and features are yet to be confirmed at the upcoming WWDC 2021 but it is expected that all the leaks will mostly be the same thing that would be unveiled at Apple’s flagship event.

Apple ios 15 Date Release

New versions of iOS typically land in mid-September. Generally they’re accompanied by a new iPhone launch, so we could see iOS 15 land alongside the iPhone 13, but Apple delayed the iPhone 12 to October of 2020 while still launching Apple ios 15 Date Release on September 16, so with or without a new iPhone, September 2021 looks very likely for iOS 15.Apple ios 15 Date Release

However, while that date is when the finished version will probably hit phones, Apple will almost certainly announce iOS 15 a whole lot earlier. New versions are generally unveiled at the company’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June, so expect to see iOS 15 at WWDC 2021, which Apple has now confirmed runs from June 7-11.

A developer beta will probably land at the same time, with a public beta likely arriving later in the month – so if you don’t mind bugs, you might be able to try iOS 15 for yourself by late July.Apple ios 15 Date Release

Of course, while we’re talking about iOS 15 here, iPadOS 15 will almost certainly follow the same trajectory.Apple ios 15 Date Release

Support for all devices that got iOS 14

Apple tends to support devices for a long time, so we can’t really begrudge the company when it stops supporting old ones, but we’d love to see support last even longer, which in this case means all the devices that got iOS 14 also getting iOS 15.

Really, then, we’re talking about the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and original iPhone SE, since they’re next on the chopping block, and indeed are rumored to not be getting iOS 15. We expect they won’t, but it would be a nice surprise if they did.

A wish list for the App Store

The App Store used to have a wish list feature that allowed you to make a list of the apps and games you were interested in. This was particularly handy for things that cost money, as you might not have been sure you wanted to pay for them just yet, but still wanted to ensure you didn’t forget about them.

Sadly, Apple removed this feature years ago, so we’d really like to see it make a return with iOS 15.

More languages in Translate

With iOS 14, Apple added a Translate app to its mobile operating system, giving you a slick way to translate other languages. But at launch it only supported 12 languages, which is far, far less than Google Translate and some other rival apps and services.

So, we want to see big improvements to this with iOS 15. We’d think it’s something Apple will keep working on, and new languages may well arrive even before the new version of iOS does, but there’s a lot of work to do if Apple wants the best translation app on the block.

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