Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124 With English Subtitle Free of Cost

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 With English Subtitle
Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124 With English Subtitle Free of Cost

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 Review

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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124, Abdulhamid and the chief soldier talk about the new government’s decisions on churches. Abdulhamid explains the reasons for the decisions he made during his reign. They then go to the table to eat, but there is not much to eat. Meanwhile, one of the servants brings two baskets of fruit. Abdulhamid realizes that these fruits come from Isaac. Isaac Fernandez says in the note he wrote that the Jews who started living in Palestine grew these fruits. Thereupon, Abdulhamid gives the fruits to the sentry soldier and asks him to give them to the animals. After the scenes describing the period of exile, Abdulhamid’s time as a Sultan returns. Sultan Abdulhamid tells Hechler that he will illuminate all darkness. The assembly of three wants Esref Aziz to die and gives Vahap a task for it. Meanwhile, Uncle arrives and orders the Armenians to stay away from Esref. Mahmud Pasha says that it is time to find Pasha, who betrayed the state, and wishes there would be a hero among them to do this job. Bidar Sultan thinks Fatma Sultan is trying to poison Hunkar and gets very angry. Hunkar Abdulhamid summons Bidar and Fatma. The test shows that sherbet is not toxic. Bidar Sultan apologized to Fatma at the request of Sultan Abdulhamid.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124, After what Mahmud Pasha said, Tahsin Pasha decides to question the Pashas one by one and goes to Ahmed’s room. Ahmed Pasha says he is not a Mason and that Tahsin Pasha should be ashamed of the questions he is asking. Tahsin Pasha tells Ahmed that he must be careful or he will kill him. Fatma Sultan accepts Bidar’s apology. But Bidar Sultan continues to think that she is right and says that Fatma is a traitor. Fatma Sultan realizes that Bidar apologized for lying and tells her that she is in a pitiful state. Tahsin Pasha then goes to Selim’s house and starts talking to him. Selim Pasha tells Tahsin that he is not a traitor. Fatma says she knows Aliye’s secret plan and asks her sister why she wants such a thing. Aliye actually says that her father Murad should be Sultan and wants more jewelry. Fatma is very angry with her sister. Tahsin Pasha visits Tevfik and asks him the same question. Tevfik says he is not a traitor. Someone sneaks into Sultan Abdulhamid’s room, but Hunkar shoots this man. Sultan Abdulhamid takes the soldiers out of the room.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124, The next morning, Ismail Pasha tells him that he lost William. The intelligence agent says everything is Hunkar’s plan and that William is not actually Hechler’s son. Sultan Abdulhamid says that Ismail Pasha is not a freemason and declares a five-day curfew in Thessaloniki. Mahmud Pasha and Tahsin Pasha cannot understand the reason for this decision. Hunkar Abdulhamid says that the masons will hold a meeting in Thessaloniki once again and that they should prevent this meeting. Vahap tells Esref Aziz his mission. Esref thinks that the Armenians have made a plan about workers’ organizations and takes action to understand this plan. Mika tells Hechler that Artin is dead. Hechler says that they will make a new plan using the workers’ organization and therefore they have to take over this organization. Karasu visits Isaac Fernandez and gives him some of the documents that need to be prepared. Isaac says that the factory Sultan Abdulhamid bought will never work. Ismail Pasha calls the journalists to his house and tells them that he is a mason. Ismail Pasha later says that if anything bad happens to him, Hunkar Abdulhamid is responsible. Fatma Sultan receives news from the son of her father’s former doctor and wants to reveal that her father was unfairly deposed.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124, Mika wants to put Leon at the head of the workers’ organization and therefore secretly calls him to the capital. As Isaac Fernandez gets excited about the big lodge they are going to establish, news comes from Sultan Abdulhamid’s announcement of a curfew in Thessaloniki. Karasu realizes that he cannot get out of Payitaht. Sabahaddin and Talat discuss how to mobilize people in the country. The House of Three speaks about the need to elect Leon in the vote. Vahap objects to this. Soghutlu and the other agents devise a plan to expose the Armenian gang’s secret business and begin to follow the hearse cars. Ismail Hakki Bey comes to the palace and tells Hunkar what he saw on the streets of Payitaht. Sultan Abdulhamid sets off immediately and goes to the place Hakki Bey said. Sultan Abdulhamid relentlessly releases the caged animals and orders them to be cared for in the palace. Sultan Abdulhamid says that they must urgently find the traitor Pasha so that the masons do not come together again, and orders that the research they have done so far be done again. Thereupon, Mahmud Pasha goes to Ahmed’s room and asks him to bring the newspaper on the Thessaloniki train from the courthouse to the palace. Bidar Sultan seizes a copy of the note sent to Fatma.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 124, Karasu and Isaac read what Ismail Pasha said from the newspaper. Karasu believes Ismail Pasha is a mason. Sabahaddin says that in order to better explain freedom to people, they have to scare them. Esref Aziz and the spies captured some of the Armenian gangsters. One of the gangster names their leader. Tahsin Pasha tries to tell Sultan Abdulhamid what he read in the newspaper, but Hunkar already knows them. Sultan Abdulhamid says that he and Ismail Pasha secretly made a plan and that Ismail Pasha acted according to this plan. Hunkar Abdulhamid says he knew the man on the train was poisoned from the newspaper and that he suspected Ahmed. Tahsin Pasha is very surprised by what he heard from Hunkar. After a short while, Mahmud Pasha comes and tells Hunkar that the newspaper he wanted from Ahmed Pasha was missing. Bidar goes to Ahmed’s room and asks him what is written in the Italian note in her hand. Ahmed Pasha says a meeting place is written in the note. Hechler says he is very uncomfortable with the curfew in Thessaloniki and that he will find a way to lift it. Hechler says that if an orthodox priest dies, people will go out.

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