Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 With English Subtitle free of cost

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 With English Subtitle free of cost
Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 With English Subtitle free of cost

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 122 Review

Those who are searching for watching Payitaht Abdulhamid with English subtitles in Ultra HD 1080 resolution free of cost, have found a right platform

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123, One of the soldiers on duty to protect Abdulhamid sees him approaching the window and shoots. The next day, the journalists who heard the voice in the mansion came and asked if Abdulhamid was dead. Later, Abdulhamid’s younger son comes and says he wants to drink milk, but there is no milk at home. Abdulhamid wants to sell his watch and buy milk for his son, but the soldier in charge does not allow him. Abdulhamid asks the soldier on duty to tell all the facts if something happens to him. It comes back to the days before the exile. Tahsin Pasha arrives and says that the car is completely destroyed and Hechler is unlikely to escape. Soghutlu and other agents capture Esref Aziz and accuse him of kidnapping Artin. Ismail Pasha goes back to the place in Thessaloniki and sees a man there. He says he has sworn to fight the Masons and has been fighting against them for years. Ismail Pasha asks what is going on. The man says that the masons plotted a trap about Ismail Pasha. Mahmud Pasha comes and says that Hechler deserves to die, but Hunkar says they didn’t kill anyone. Ismail Pasha does not trust the man in Thessaloniki but begins to think that Ahmed Pasha may be guilty and returns to Istanbul. The friend of the clerk who was killed in the palace starts looking for his late friend’s bag.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123, Esref Aziz goes to Vahap and investigates where Artin is. Vahap lies to Esref and meets with Artin secretly. Soghutlu and the agents follow Esref, but Esref stops them. While Abdulhamid is working in the carpentry workshop, Ahmed Pasha arrives and talks about why a person can betray. Ismail Pasha secretly comes to Yahya’s coffee shop and talks to Esref Aziz. Ismail Pasha says that someone is trying to accuse him and asks Esref Aziz for help. Esref Aziz says that the man on the train was killed by poisoning. While Fatma is looking at her father’s belongings, she cannot find the dagger and goes to Ahmed’s room. The worker comes and tells that there is a herb in Fatma’s room. Bidar Sultan thinks that Fatma wants to poison Hunkar. Meanwhile, Ahmed Pasha comes to his room and argues with Fatma.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123, The British sent a newspaper to Hunkar and warn him. Thereupon, Sultan Abdulhamid takes action. Esref Aziz starts to investigate the Armenian smugglers in Payitaht and finds their secret location. Sultan Abdulhamid and Tahsin investigate Hechler’s past and reveal that he has a son. Abdulhamid calls Hechler’s son to Payitaht to give a concert. Ismail Pasha sneaks into Mahmud’s house and talks to him. Esref Aziz observes all night in the harbor. The next morning Soghutlu and the agents arrive. Esref Aziz asks about Zakaryan. Mahmud Pasha comes to the palace and talks to Ahmed Pasha about Ismail Pasha. Ahmed Pasha says over and over again that Ismail is guilty. Mahmud Pasha says he will tell Hunkar everything that happened. Hunkar Abdulhamid visits Aliye and talks to Fatma. Later, Fatma finds her father’s dagger and realizes that Ahmed is innocent. Mahmud Pasha tells Sultan Abdulhamid what he spoke with Ismail. Tahsin Pasha says he wants to investigate the bullet that killed the clerk and gets permission from Abdulhamid. Sultan Abdulhamid asks why Ismail escaped, but Mahmud Pasha says that Ismail wanted to solve this by himself.

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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123, Ahmed Pasha exchanges papers with some bullet reports and leaves Tahsin’s room. Tahsin Pasha takes these reports and takes them to Hunkar. Abdulhamid says that the bullet that killed the clerk was not used during the shooting training. Tahsin Pasha says that Ismail is trying to blame Ahmed. Bidar and Fatma argue about the safety of Harem. Bidar asks Fatma to remove the dagger from her waist, but Fatma does not remove it. Sultan Abdulhamid calls Ahmed and tells him what Ismail said. Ahmed Pasha says he is not guilty and that Ismail is wrong. Abdulhamid says that Ismail must be found. Later, Abdulhamid and Pashas go to the great hall. Esref Aziz and the agents track down the car and find Zakaryan’s location. Tatavlali goes to the house of Yahya and says that Esref Aziz was following the cars. Yahya warns Tatavlali and sends him from his house. Sultan Abdulhamid, Pashas, and ambassadors come to the great hall. Hechler’s son starts playing the violin in the great hall. Abdulhamid listens to Hechler’s son and congratulates him. Hunkar Abdulhamid starts talking to Hechler’s son and tells him that his father is dead. Abdulhamid says Hechler has left a large amount of wealth behind and goes to another room to talk to William. Bidar falls asleep while reading a book. Fatma enters her room with the dagger in her hand and tries to kill her. Bidar Sultan wakes up and realizes that she was having nightmares. Ahmed and Fatma talk in the barn.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123, Ahmed Pasha tells that Ismail attended secret meetings using the secret tunnels under the palace. Hunkar Abdulhamid orders the old tunnels to be closed and new tunnels to be opened. A few people stop Ismail’s car and kidnap William. The next morning, the envoys come to the palace and ask Hunkar about his new decision on Aqaba. Abdulhamid says he has made a decision but will not reveal it yet. Hunkar then orders Mahmud to eat with the ambassadors and stall them. Zakaryan and Tatavlali learn that Vahap is hiding Artin and plots to kill Esref. Fernandez comes to the palace once again, and this time the state buys the factory. Esref and agents go to Vahap’s place to get Artin. A conflict breaks out. Zakaryan and Tatavlali try to kidnap Artin. Mahmud Pasha eats with the ambassadors and talks to them at length. Vahap comes to Yahya’s coffee shop and tells Esref why he lied. Fatma prepares a sherbet for Sultan Abdulhamid, and this situation disturbs Bidar. Bidar thinks Fatma will poison Hunkar and goes to his room to warn Hunkar. As Abdulhamid is about to drink the sherbet, Bidar stops him and blames Fatma. Fatma says that if there is poison in the drink, she will accept any punishment. Armenians decide to kill Esref and assign this duty to Vahap. After the meal, the ambassadors come and ask for Hunkar’s decision. Meanwhile, William arrives and tells Hunkar not to sign the deal. Later, Hechler hurries to the palace. The envoys see Hechler alive, and Abdulhamid tears the agreement sheet.

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