Friends, today we will show you 6 people in front of whom Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos look poor

The two richest people in the world are Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.But these are the people who have declared their assets to the world and what will happen to those who cannot show their assets to the world under any circumstances.

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Today we bring you 6 such people whose names are not in the Forbes register list but Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos look poor looking at their wealth.

  • Kim Jong-un

How is Kim Jong-un richer than Bill Gates? North Korea is a poor country but their leader King Jong is a super rich man. There is hardly anything in North Korea that Kim Jong-un and his family do not know. Ownership is 170 trillion dollars, which is about twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty billion rupees.


King Jun’s personal assets include his airports, private jets, private yards, and addresses, all of which he bought with North Korean money, but are not on the Forbes Register list for this reason. Because according to experts, most of this money comes from the black market and that is why King John does not show his assets.

  • Muhammad Gaddafi

Before Gaddafi was overthrown, he was considered one of Libya’s greatest leaders. Was left far behind.That their money was made only through corruption and that the amount of money was so high that they left Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos far behind.He was known for his four magnificent mansions and the Golden Gun.The total value of Gaddafi’s wealth is 180 million dollars and that too in 2011 which is about twelve thousand eight hundred billion rupees.

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It was not difficult for Gaddafi to make that much money because he was in charge of everything in his government and whoever came in his way was removed.He took all the money from his country and kept it either in his direct bank account or invested in various projects around the world and Sم therefore did not include his name in any of the (Forbes) register list. Could be

  • Saudi Royal Family

The house of saud is the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Who doesn’t know this family? It is the richest family in the world. This family is so rich that the British royal family has nothing in front of them. But they feel bad when the world talks about their money, there is no doubt that all the money of the Saudi family is earned by selling oil and gas. Almost anyone in the world puts petrol in their car and their money goes around and goes into the pockets of the Saudi royal family.


But these families do not disclose their money to the world and that is why their name would not be included in any (Forbes) register list.But this family owns 1.4 trillion dollars which is about one lakh billion rupees and this money is the son of only a few members of this family. Surely every member of their family will be much richer than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

  • Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad is a very controlled politician and is also a senior army commander.According to expert news sources, his total wealth is worth 122 billion dollars, which is about Rs 915,000 crore.
And of course.If he hadn’t kept the money at home,

he would have kept it in various secret bank accounts around the world, so his name could not be included in any of the Forbes register lists.

  • Babel Escobar

Babel Escobar ran the world’s largest drug network and was once considered the richest man in the world.Now that his work was with the drug network, his name could not be included in any of the Forbes register lists.


He had an island of his own, a magnificent palace and a private airport.RS 200,000 per month was used to buy plastic rubber which was used to put on his money.

Is called that. She once set fire to two million dollars just because her daughter was feeling cold.

  • Putin

Putin’s name did not appear on the list of the world’s richest man, but his name is at the top of the list of the world’s most powerful people.As we all know, making money is not a difficult task for the most powerful person.Of course, Bill Gates owns 100 billion dollars and Putin owns 200 billion dollars , which is about 15,000 billion rupees.But Putin does not always agree that he has that much money.

But it has been leaked from various news stations that Putin’s money is in various Panama skirts bank accounts. They have a million-dollar handwatch collection, as well as the highest yards and magnificent palaces, and there is no doubt that Button is the richest man in the world.

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