Fasting is the best source of physical energy
best source of physical energy

Fasting is the best source of physical energy

Muslims around the world fast during the month of Ramadan. Medical experts say that fasting also has a positive effect on physical health. As science and medicine progress, researchers are beginning to agree that fasting is a medical miracle. Now let’s see in the light of modern medical research how fasting has its beneficial effects on the human body.

best source of physical energy
best source of physical energy

Effects of fasting on the digestive system

Fasting has an amazing effect on the liver and the process of storing energetic food in the liver is greatly relieved.
Fasting strengthens the sensitive parts of the digestive system, the throat and the esophagus. As a result, the secretions from the stomach are better balanced.
Fasting and fatty substances in the blood
Among the positive effects of fasting on the body are significant changes in the sebaceous substances of the blood.

Changes in HDL levels, especially for the heart, are important because it protects the heart and arteries.

Fasting also has a beneficial effect on LDL and triglycerides, two other fats.
Effects of fasting on blood circulation
Increased blood pressure during fasting is at a low level. During fasting, when the nutrients in the blood are at a low level, the bone marrow becomes mobile, which improves blood production.

Effects on blood cells

The main effect of fasting is manifested in the form of balance between the bodily cells and the internal fluids. During the fast, various fluids are reduced in quantity, which greatly calms the process of the cells. Epithelials, which are responsible for the constant excretion of body fluids, also get a great deal of relief through fasting alone, which in turn increases their health.

Eliminate obesity

Yes, the principle of eating is that eating for life (eating as much as you can to survive) instead of eating for life (life is for eating and drinking) has become common. Happy eating is a good habit, but it does not mean anything. Not overeating, overeating, untimely meals, especially at weddings and ceremonies that may not be repeated, frequent use of poultry and spicy foods, fast food burgers, pizza, double Excessive consumption of bread, bread and biryani, not exercising, avoiding walking, eating late at night and falling asleep, especially in women, lack of any exercise opportunities after eating poultry, body Dangerous diseases like obesity are on the rise due to the birth of fatty ingredients.
Obesity causes many other disorders, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infertility, and congestive heart failure. Fasting can lead to significant weight loss. Getting rid of obesity or significant weight loss is very easy in Ramadan.

Cholesterol control
Cholesterol (fat components) are helpful and necessary in keeping the blood circulating, but if their amounts exceed the balance, a person can suffer from many dangerous diseases.
Excessive cholesterol (fatty substances) that cause many diseases can be dissolved during Ramadan by controlling hunger and thirst.

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Blood pressure

Most of the time, excessive consumption of poultry, spicy heavy foods, strong coffee, tea or coffee can temporarily speed up blood circulation. Use reduces the negative effect on the stomach, which is a way to moderate blood pressure.

Fasting and Precautions

best source of physical energy
best source of physical energy

It should be kept in mind that the above benefits can be possible only if we use simple food in Sahar and Iftar. Especially during Iftar, heavy and fried chicken items like samosas, fritters, kachoori etc. should not be used too much. Excessive use of these substances destroys the spiritual purpose of fasting. The physical benefits of abstaining from food are lost and the stomach becomes worse.
In Iftar, instead of gathering food items on the table, iftar should be done with one or two fruits, dates or honey mixed with milk. Some more should be eaten after Maghrib prayers. Instead of consuming large quantities of water, milk or any other beverage once in Iftar, use it intermittently. By following these measures, we will be able to enjoy the spiritual benefits of fasting as well. Will also be able to get physical benefits.

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