Dollar rate in Pakistan 12 June 2021 – USD to PKR

Dollar rate in Pakistan 12 June 2021 – USD to PKR

Dollar rate in Pakistan is 155.90 ( USD to PKR )

US Dollar is the currency of United States of America, however it is considered to be a global currency, as the majority of the world trades in USD. Imports, exports and LC are dependent on US Dollars. The Dollar rate in Pakistan is always fluctuating due to the economic and political instability in Pakistan. 1 USD to PKR conversion for today is Rs. 155.90. This USD to PKR conversion is based on the open market conversion price, the bank rates and intermarket rates are different. The 1 USD to PKR buying and selling rates are different as well. Use the calculator below to convert US $ to Pakistan Rupees online, and check the best market rates available.

1 US Dollar To PKR (Pakistani Rupee)

1.00 US Dollar = 155.90


Last 30 daysLAST 90 DAYS


12 Jun, 2021155.5156.5
11 Jun, 2021155.4156.4
10 Jun, 2021155.4156.5
9 Jun, 2021155.73156.5
8 Jun, 2021155.25156.25
7 Jun, 2021155.00156.00
5 Jun, 2021154.60155.60
4 Jun, 2021154.60155.60
3 Jun, 2021154.50155.50
2 Jun, 2021154.80155.80
31 May, 2021154.40155.40
29 May, 2021154.50155.50
27 May, 2021155.00156.00
26 May, 2021154.50155.50
25 May, 2021154.25155.25
24 May, 2021153.70154.40
21 May, 2021153.80154.50
20 May, 2021153.30154.30
19 May, 2021153.50154.50

Gold Rate In Pakistan Today, 12 June 2021

Gold Rate in Pakistan today on 12 June 2021 is being sold for Rs.95770 per 10 grams, and the cost of Gold is Rs.111700 per tola in Pakistan today.

Today 24k Per tola gold price is Rs. 111700

International Gold Rates

Gold 24K Ounce$1897.7

What is Dollar to PKR Today?

Dollar rate in Pakistan 12 June 2021( USD to PKR )
Today Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan – PKR Exchange Rates

Dollar to PKR – The US dollar or dollar rate is always considered important in Pakistan and other countries. The US dollar is recognized worldwide as an important currency. It is the authorized currency of the United States and is widely used in trade worldwide. The US dollar impact is also significant in Pakistan as the PKR rates from the US dollar are still around 160 PKR.

The US dollar is often used in trade for international transactions; as it is the world’s leading reserve currency. The US dollar is considered inferior to other major currencies; as the International Monetary Fund adjusts its macroeconomic growth forecasts and the US trade slows down. The indication that a weak spot around the world has seized the US financial system and kept the dollar in bad wittiness.

Why PKR rate is fluctuating against the USD?

USD to PKR rate always increases or decreases on demand and supply of US Dollar in Pakistan. If the inflow of USD or foreign remittances increases by abroad Pakistani, ultimately the value of PKR increases against USD and other currencies. There are other reasons includes trade surplus, when exports increase then imports bills go down and the value of the Pak Rupee determine strength.

You can now get the open market rate of USD currency conversion from PKR easily. Find PKR to USD Buy and Sell Prices directly on this Platform. Online consumers can also get a base record of the Pakistani rupee currency exchange rate of US $ 1 weekly. In Pakistan, imports and other international trade deals are taken place in US dollars, so this is a place to find interbank rates, international foreign exchange rates, and open market currency exchange rates. You can find each and every update related to the fluctuation of dollar prices here. It is one of the most authentic pages to stay updated about the USD rate in Pakistan.

Importance of the US dollar

The importance of the US dollar is also evident in Pakistan. The use of the US dollar is also very common in international transactions; as it is the world’s largest reserve currency. With the International Monetary Fund adjusting to its global economic growth forecast and the US trade deficit increases; the value of the US dollar against other major currencies fell. The indication that the global economic weakness has seized the US economy.

On this page, you can also find the open market rates of USD to PKR currency exchange; which also provides the actual selling price of PKR from USD on this platform. Online users can also get a base archive of Pakistani rupee currency exchange rates for US dollar 1 USD weekly. In Pakistan, imports in US dollars and other international trade deals. Therefore, it is good to find the direct and modern currency inter-bank rates; international exchange rates, and open market currency exchange rates. Dollar prices in Pakistan have been alarming for the past few months. Stay updated with its rise and fall by following this authentic source Pakistanwap.

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