8 Most Brave Kids in Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi

Friends Drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi is making new records day by day even after so much time has passed and the popularity of this drama is increasing day by day.
In the same way that Ertugrul and his heroes were brave in this drama. Children were no less than a lion and were not afraid of even the greatest enemy, so friends in today’s video will tell you about the eight children shown in Ertugrul Ghazi who were great examples of bravery, but the video more Don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel TV before watching.

No. 8 Tahir

Friends, this child was not only brave but also a player of dangers. Once Abdul Rehman Ghazi was imprisoned, Ertugrul Ghazi ordered Tahir to help Abdul Rahman. Tahir obeyed Rady and helped to release Abdul Rahman.
Besides, Tahir also worked as a spy for Ertugrul and Saljan because this child was so clever that he would not allow anyone to have any suspicion and by easily spying on anyone. He could convey this Ertughal to Ghazi. Tahir’s role in the drama is very important.

No. 7 Dardar

Dardar was the younger brother of Ertugrul Ghazi. When Titus enters the tribe in the form of a businessman and makes a plan to destroy the tribe together with Titus, Dardar enters here. He saves the tribe by playing on it, but at the same time Titus attacks Dardar and Dardar is severely injured.
This child fights to the death in a state of unconsciousness for a long time. In addition, Ertugrul Ghazi While preparing, he opposed the consumers along with all ages, but even here Dardar did not leave Ghazi’s side and they migrated with him. Despite being a child, this child was capable of making big decisions.

No. 6 Prince Shaheer

Friends, Prince Shaheer is the brother of Halima Sultan and with Halima he also faced many difficulties. He has spent a lot of time in the fort of the Crusaders. On the way, when Suleiman Shah goes to conquer the fort, he frees him from captivity.
Then, once Prince Shaheer was imprisoned in Neon, even though he was a child, he not only used his brain to free himself, but also freed Dardar from captivity.
In the end, it was in such a conflict that Prince Saadatin Kopek’s men martyred Prince Shaheer and left this brave child Halima Sultan crying.

No. 5 GulDose
GulDoz is the eldest son of Ertugrul Ghazi and he often gets angry and does anything. When Commander Urs’s men kidnap GulDoz and take him to Urs, GulDoz picks up a dagger, remembering the words of his father, Ertugrul Ghazi, and strikes Commander Urs in the eye.
Commander Urs loses one of his eyes in the attack. Of course, the bravery and liveliness of Ertugrul Ghazi’s son Gul Doz is commendable.

  1. So Chi

Suu Chi is the second son of Ertughal Ghazi. Her temperament and style look very calm because she was a book maniac instead of fighting. So Chi preferences and ideas are quite unique.
She is very interested in gaining knowledge and In this case, he goes even further than his father, where the rest of the tribe is seen preparing for war.
He seems to be delighted in Sochi books because he was more attached to the book than the sword. Horseback riding is training to become a So Chi doctor instead of swordsmanship and archery. This child of Ertigal Ghazi is very different as well as very intelligent.

  1. Ali al Bari
    This child named 3 billion Ali and now Ali’s father was a dervishes and wanted to give religious education to Wahab Ali. This encounter with Ghazi occurs when Ghazi goes to the latest frontier with his soldiers in search of a good place.
    Proving the iron of his intelligence, he not only impresses Ertugal Ghazi but also impresses him with his intelligence. Ertughal Ghazi also saves his father from the attack of the enemies and this child also told the meaning of their names to Ertughal Ghazi and his companions and in the future this child also becomes the father-in-law of Usman Ghazi.
    No. 2 Abraiz
    Abraiz was the son of Banse, the closest friend of Ertugrul Ghazi. Abraiz preferred knowledge to swordsmanship and sought to become a physician, but there were times when al-Basti kidnapped Ebbs and handed him over to the commander.
    Abraiz is not afraid even though he is a child and instead of crying with great courage he waits for his father. In addition, Abraiz became a close friend of Usman Ghazi from an early age and has always been a close friend and loyal companion of Usman Ghazi.
    No. 1 Usman Ghazi

The childhood of Usman Ghazi, the founder of Ottoman Empire, is also a living example of bravery because the more brave Ghazi was. The men of the commanders were kidnapping women including children, so Usman Ghazi attacked these soldiers and started shooting at the enemies without caring for his life.
He would go down to the battlefield with his life. Once upon a time, the Mongols kidnapped Usman Ghazi and tried to win him over, but Usman Ghazi persevered in front of them and fought hard against them. Apart from this, there are many incidents of Usman Ghazi’s childhood which speak volumes about this child’s bravery.
So friends, this was some of these brave children shown in the drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi. Let us know in the inbox which of these children the father found the most brave and if you like or dislike, share and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.


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