Amazing and tasty use of plastic bottles
Amazing and tasty use of plastic bottles

Amazing and tasty use of plastic bottles

LONDON: British scientists have begun research to convert used plastic bottles into vanilla flavors, which could be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products.

Used plastic bottles are spreading pollution around the world, affecting not only humans but also animals.

The results of the study, published in the British journal Green Chemistry, suggest that a chemical called valine will be used to convert used plastic bottles into vanilla flavors.

In an effort to combat the scourge of plastics, scientists have already developed telephilic acid (TA) catalytic enzymes that are used in basic units for bottles.

One step further, researchers have used bacteria to convert telephilic acid (TA) into vanillin. Vanillin is a chemical widely used in the food and cosmetics industry to be used in pharmaceuticals, hygiene products. It is also considered an important chemical affecting goods and herbs.

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Demand for vanillin has increased over the past few years, reaching 37,000 tonnes in 2018, according to statistics. The importance of this research has also been highlighted by Joanna Suddler of the University of Edinburgh.

Joanna Sedler says this is the first time biological systems have been used to use plastic waste in a valuable industrial chemical form and will have a very effective and lasting impact on the economy.

He added that the research findings have major implications for the durability of plastics and demonstrate the power of artificial organisms to meet real-world challenges.

The results of this study are now published in the journal Green Chemistry. In addition, in the next phase, scientists will try to further adapt the bacteria to further increase its rate.



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