Yunus Emre English, Urdu Subtitle Episode 1 ( Season 1 )

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Yunus Emre Episode 1 English, Urdu Subtitle ( Season 1 )

Yunus Emre English Subtitle Episode 1

Yunus Emre Urdu Subtitle Episode 1

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Who IS Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre Episode 1 English, Urdu Subtitle ( Season 1 )

Yunus Emre also known as the Dervis Yunus was a Turkish folk poet and Sufi spiritualist who enormously affected the Turkish culture. Yunus Emre was born on 1238 in the sakarya valley Turkey. He wrote in Old Anatolian Turkish, a beginning phase of Turkish language. During his childhood when Yunus Emre lived with his mother in this town, he ended up in a sort of ghariblik, a peculiarity, a feeling of otherness which at times dove him into dejection. More often than not, Yunus Emre meandered without help from anyone else through vineyards and orchards where he ended up in profound examination. One day as he was meandering alone once more, he experienced “the miserable waterwheel.” While raising and bringing down the waters of a stream to water vineyards and orchards, the waterwheel reverberated as though it were sobbing and groaning. He was overpowered by the impact of the waterwheel since its moaning really voiced his own condition of otherness, his isolation in this world.