Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 English & Urdu Subtitles
Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 Overview

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7, Sanjar shoots Ghazali with an arrow and begins to flee the crime scene. Nizam and soldiers immediately try to get Ghazali out of the crime scene. Meanwhile, Hassan Sabbah arrives and says he saw the assassination on his way home. Nizam says the criminals will be found and that they must remain silent while the investigation continues. Elcin angrily rejects Qasim’s marriage proposal, but Melik Shah calms everyone. Behram congratulates Sanjar on his assassination and tells him that he will see Dai soon. Arslantas and Sanjar wait to see Dai. Elcin understands Terken’s plan and says she will never mary Qasim. Nizam finds Sanjar and takes him somewhere. Turna comes to see Sanjar and talks to him. Turna says she saw Sanjar’s secret message, and Sanjar says he wants to meet her by the river. Sanjar took action with the secret signal given by Nizam, so Ghazali did not die. Nizam says he conveyed everything that happened to the Sultan and Melik Shah visits Ghazali. Melik Shah talks to Sanjar and asks him how his wound was. Dai and Hassan talk about Ghazali’s death and reflect on the Nizam’s new plans. Dai asks to destroy everything that remains from Ghazali.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7, Yorgos comes to the Byzantine castle and tells Commander Andreas about the sacred relics. Yorgos says that to take revenge on the Fatimids, they must take the holy relics from them. Commander Andreas sends Yorgos to take the chest of relics. Nizam says that he knows between Sanjar and Turna and warns Sanjar about this. Turna goes to her mother’s grave and tells her about Sanjar. While Elcin is still angry about Qasim’s marriage proposal, Terken sends her a chest of gifts. Later, Terken comes in and tells that she wants to give her a wedding present. While Elcin is trying to appeal to this marriage, Terken tells her to collect her belongings as soon as possible. Yorgos orders his men to go to Sanjar’s plain. Arslantas tells Sanjar what happened to him and warns him about Turna once again. Before their great battle, Sanjar sets out to go to the plain to see his relatives one last time. Melik Shah calls Elcin and gets angry at her rudeness. Elcin listens to Sultan and tells why she does not want to marry Qasim.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7, While Basulu and the other women are washing clothes along the stream, Byzantine spies attack them. Spies kill most of the women. Sanjar and his friends arrive at the last minute and begin to fight the spies. Byzantine spies die and Sanjar saves his mother. Arslantas realizes that the dead were Christian spies. Hassan learns that Ghazali’s books and Melik Shah are going to Khayyam’s house. Nizam comes and starts talking to Hassan. After Nizam leaves, he says they will kill Khayyam if necessary. Melik Shah calls Qasim and says that he will not allow this marriage while there are still problems in Anatolia. Qasim accepts Melik Shah’s decision. The injured women are brought to the camp and Sanjar is very angry about what happened. As Sanjar and Togan are about to fight, Korkut arrives and calms them down. Sanjar takes his friends with him and sets out to find those responsible for what happened. As Qasim is about to leave the palace, Tapar comes and warns Qasim sternly about what he has done.

Terken Sultan sees Qasim leaving the palace and orders Elcin to be followed even more carefully. Elcin realizes that Terken has made new plans and wants to take Kilij and leave as soon as possible. Sanjar finds the Byzantine merchant who helped Yorgos and cuts off his fingers. Melik Shah says that when news comes from Sanjar, they will attack the Fatimids and asks Nizam about Sanjar. Tapar says that Sanjar has a mother. Thereupon, Melik Shah says that he wants to help Sanjar’s family. Elcin goes to the market and secretly talks to someone about her older brother Kilij. But the spies sent by Terken find out what Elcin was talking about. Hassan Sabbah says that Ghazali’s death is still not announced and warns Dai about this issue. Dai doesn’t believe Hassan’s worries and believes that Ghazali is already dead. Hassan also wants to kill Khayyam, but Dai says no more murder is needed and sends Hassan to the palace. Sanjar and Turna meet by the river. Sanjar says he has too many enemies and fears that there could be harm to Turna. Turna objects to Sanjar, but cannot change his decision. Hassan thinks Ghazali is not dead and tells them that they need to act to find him.

Terken learns what Elcin did in the market and calls Tajul Mulk. Tajul Mulk finds the merchant talking to Elcin and interrogates him. The merchant agrees to do what Tajul Mulk told him to save himself and his family. Khayyam and Ghazali talk about stars and astronomy. Ghazali wants to learn more from Khayyam. Hassan’s spies pour flammable liquids around Khayyam’s house. Hassan goes against Dai’s orders and burns Khayyam’s house. Khayyam and Ghazali are caught in flames. Hassan thinks Ghazali’s books are on fire. Meanwhile, Khayyam and Ghazali leave the house. Hassan sees Ghazali alive and runs away immediately. Turna thinks about Sanjar and cries. Behram comes and says that the next day Sanjar will see Dai. Sanjar sends Arslantas to inform Nizam. Sultan Melik Shah realizes that the fire in Khayyam’s house is a plan and gets very angry. Nizam says now everyone knows that Ghazali is alive. Bozkus comes to the palace and says that the next day Sanjar will see Dai. Nizam says the Fatimids will kill Sanjar. Melik Shah sends his son Tapar to bring the sacred relics and Sanjar to the palace. Hassan hurries over to Dai the next morning and tells him that Ghazali is alive. Dai is angry at Hassan for breaking his orders, but Hassan defends himself.

Hassan says that the person who shot Ghazali was a spy. When Sanjar and Arslantas come, Dai says they will kill them. Yorgos begins to follow Behram to take the relics. The merchant in the market gives a note to Elcin’s servant showing where Kilij is. Nizam goes to Khayyam’s burning house and realizes that someone from the palace started the fire. Elcin reads the note given by the merchant and learns where her brother is. Elcin takes immediate action to save her brother Kilij. While Elcin is leaving, Terken goes to Melik Shah’s room and says that she will give him important information.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7, Elcin meets with the merchant in a secret place in the forest. Nizam goes to the blacksmith in the palace and asks him to whom the arrow he found in Khayyam’s house belongs. Behram says that he brought Sanjar and Arslantas, but Dai says that Ghazali was not dead and orders them to be killed. As Behram is about to attack, Seljuk spies arrive, and Fatimids attack them. Hassan and Dai sneak away. Tapar and Seljuk soldiers also participate in this war. Sanjar and Arslantas try to catch Dai. After Dai gets out of his hideout, he orders the whole place to be blown up. Elcin goes to the place where her brother was imprisoned and neutralizes the guards. Elcin opens the door to free Kilij but sees Sultan Melik Shah in front of her. While Behram tries to escape with the relics, Sanjar catches him. Yorgos sees them both fighting for the holy relics and surrounds them with his spies. Yorgos says he will take revenge on Sanjar who killed his brother and begins to attack him. Tapar and the soldiers try to search for Sanjar. Sanjar and Yorgos fight for a long time. One of the Byzantine spies shoots Sanjar in the foot with an arrow. Yorgos heavily wounds Sanjar and throws him off a cliff.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 English Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 7 Urdu Subtitles