Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121 English Subtitles Free of Cost
Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 120 Review

Those who are searching for watching Payitaht Abdulhamid with English subtitles in Ultra HD 1080 resolution free of cost, have found a right platform

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121, Abdulhamid and his young son go to Sirkeci train station and take a train there. Abdulhamid has to leave Payitaht. Abdulhamid, his young son, and several of his servants arrive in Thessaloniki. It is revealed here that Abdulhamid was sent into exile. One of the soldiers in the mansion behaves harshly on Abdulhamid’s young son. Abdulhamid goes to the hall of the house and sees a map there. Abdulhamid takes the letter lying below the map and reads it. It turns out that one of Abdulhamid’s Pashas made this exile decision. Abdulhamid says that during his thirty-three years of reign he remained loyal to his homeland and worked to make the situation of his people better. Later, Abdulhamid’s youngest son comes and says that he is very cold. Abdulhamid asks one of the maids if there is a blanket at home, but the maid says there is no blanket. Upon this, Abdulhamid takes the sheet on the seat and covers his son.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121, Then it goes before this event. There is a ceremony in the palace and the Pashas talk about it. Some Pashas are concerned about the future of the state. It turns out that this ceremony was held for the new grand vizier. The new grand vizier Avlonyali Ferid Pasha first visits Sultan Abdulhamid and talks to him. Hunkar Abdulhamid congratulates his new grand vizier and asks him to elect new ministers. The new grand vizier is surprised by this situation. Sultan Abdulhamid says that all are equal in front of the law and that he will elect only a few ministers. Mahmud Pasha receives a secret message from his son Sabahaddin. Mahmud Pasha has to use a wheelchair due to his heart attack. Mahmud’s coachman comes and says that Ferid Pasha had been elected as the new grand vizier. Mahmud Pasha immediately moves to go to the palace.

Bidar Sultan fires women working in the Harem due to the recent events in the Palace. Naime is a little uncomfortable with her mother’s decision, but there is nothing she can do. Meziyet starts to think that Bidar doesn’t trust her anymore. Austrian and Russian ambassadors come to the palace and want to talk to Sultan Abdulhamid. Hunkar Abdulhamid has already learned the terms of the agreement. Mahmud Pasha comes to the palace and sees Hunkar. Abdulhamid says that Mahmud should rest and diet. Abdulhamid goes to the garden of the palace and starts talking to the envoys. After listening to the ambassadors, Sultan Abdulhamid tells Ahmed Celaleddin Pasha that he wants to go to the illegal slave sale in Payitaht.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121, Celaleddin Pasha talks to Soghutlu and says that the move will be made to Aqaba. Soghutlu immediately sent a telegram to the irregular army in Aqaba. A man in the middle of the desert learns about the telegram from Payitaht. This man is the leader of an Arab gang and is holding Esref Aziz as a prisoner. Harraz says that the real owners of the desert are Arabs and there is no place for Turks here. Esref Aziz says that the Turks will not give up these lands and they are ready to do anything. Harraz unwittingly told the order from Payitaht to Esref. Esref Aziz whistles and Turkish soldiers emerge from the place where they attacked. After a short clash, all Arab gangsters die. Sultan Abdulhamid and the ambassadors sneak into the building where the slave sale is. The fact that one of the slaves sold is Jewish disturbs one of the buyers who come there. Isaac Fernandez raises his voice and says that Jews cannot be slaves.

Meanwhile, news of the events in Aqaba spread everywhere. Isaac finds out about this news and goes to work without paying for the man he bought. Hunkar Abdulhamid stands up and gives freedom to all slaves. Later, the ambassadors learn about the events in Aqaba and worry about the Suez Canal. Aliye writes a letter to her uncle Abdulhamid and says she wants to come to the palace. Esref Aziz returns to his home and talks with his young son.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 121, The new grand vizier comes to Sultan Abdulhamid and says he is worried about the events in Aqaba. Mahmud objects to the grand vizier, but Ferid Pasha continues to speak. Isaac returns to his office and learns how the events in Aqaba affected the stock market. Isaac asks where his brother is and goes to Samuel’s room. When Isaac opens the door to the room, he sees Samuel’s lifeless body. Samuel committed suicide. Sultan Abdulhamid tells Ferid Pasha that Aqaba is Turkish land, and they will even intervene in Taba. Celaleddin Pasha tells Esref Aziz what to do about Taba. Esref Aziz goes to talk to Mubaraq. Isaac reads Samuel’s letter and vows to avenge his brother. Esref Aziz goes to the dungeon where Mubaraq is located and asks him questions. Mubaraq is very afraid of Esref and tells everything he knows. Tahsin Pasha comes to the palace and tells Sultan Abdulhamid that his older brother Murad V has passed away. Sultan Abdulhamid regrets the death of his brother and asks whether he left a will or not. Bidar tells Abdulhamid that she is sorry for his brother’s death and asks about Aliye’s situation. Sultan Abdulhamid says that Murad’s daughters Aliye and Fatma will come to the palace.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 120, Hechler is in prison in Russia and lives a very good life. Hechler says he has no intention of staying in this dungeon any longer. Members of the Great Ottoman Masonic lodge talk about the death of Murad. The Masons think that Murad V has left someone in his place and tries to find this deputy. Hunkar Abdulhamid and Mahmud Pasha talk about what Murad did with masons. Meanwhile, Tahsin Pasha comes and brings Murad’s will. The only thing Murad left behind is a musical composition. Hunkar Abdulhamid and Pashas cannot understand this situation. While Zulfet is secretly dropping something on Bidar’s pillow, Bidar comes and catches her. Bidar orders the arrest of Zulfet.

Ismail Hakki plays the composition made by Murad. Sultan Abdulhamid thinks that Murad is saying the name of the deputy he replaced in this composition. Naime and Abdulkhadir worry about Bidar’s situation. Ismail Hakki Bey plays Murad’s composition on the piano over and over, and Abdulhamid listens to him. Tahsin Pasha says that Murad’s composition will be played in an opera house. Abdulhamid says that this composition should be played in the palace, not in the opera, and makes a plan. Aliye and Fatma come to the palace, but Bidar does not allow their servants to enter the palace.

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In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 120, Murad’s composition is played with piano in the garden of the palace, and all guests listen to this composition. Sultan Abdulhamid examines all the guests who come to the palace one by one. Hunkar Abdulhamid and Ismail realize that the pace of the music is changing. One of the people who receive a secret message in music starts to write something. Sultan Abdulhamid decrypts the secret message and realizes that the secret meeting will take place in Thessaloniki. Abdulhamid recruits three Pashas to follow the man with the white hat and sends them. Zuluflu Pasha, Selim Pasha, and Celaleddin Pasha begin to follow the man with the white hat going to Thessaloniki. Aliye and Fatma go to the hall to eat with Abdulhamid and talks to Hunkar there. Abdulhamid talks about the childhoods of Aliye and Fatma.

The man with the white hat and the Pashas arrive in Thessaloniki. Zuluflu Pasha goes to check on the man with the white hat and realizes that the man is dead. The man with the white hat died, although no one entered his room. Selim Pasha takes a note out of the man’s pocket and learns the secret meeting place.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 120, Esref Aziz finds the secret English base in Taba and enters. Esref Aziz neutralizes the guards and kills the English agents. One of the Pashas meets with someone to go to the secret meeting place and sets off after the mask put on his face. Pasha attends the secret Masonic meeting and swears to be a mason. The Masons start the meeting and decide to kill Abdulhamid. The Masons want to save Hechler from Russia and take his money to kill Abdulhamid

. The Pasha gives new information to neutralize Abdulhamid’s Aqaba move and says he will contact Hechler. One of the Masons is Karasu, and he wants to find out who the new Mason, Pasha, is. Unfortunately, Selim, Zuluflu, and Celaleddin cannot find anything. Mason Pasha sends a message to Hechler and gives him information about Aqaba. The Russian interior minister comes to prison and releases Hechler. Fatma realizes that someone has entered her room and wants to talk about it with Bidar. Hechler gets on a train to Payitaht, while he receives the second secret message.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 120, Hechler stops in Sofia and holds a meeting here to kill Abdulhamid. Gang leaders attend this meeting, and everyone tells how to kill Abdulhamid. Dashnak founder Mika kills other gang leaders and gains the trust of Hechler. Meziyet gets permission from Bidar and leaves the palace. Hechler asks Mika how to kill Abdulhamid and listens to his plan. Mika says he doesn’t want money for his assassination. Hechler orders Mika, as his first mission, to destroy the preparations for the Ottoman railway to be built in Aqaba. Zulfet turns out to be innocent, and Bidar apologizes to her. Mika sends a man to Aqaba.

In Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 120, Sultan Abdulhamid and Mahmud Pasha talk about what happened in Thessaloniki. Meanwhile, Tahsin Pasha comes and tells Hunkar that a railway factor exploded. Sultan Abdulhamid later learns that there was an explosion in Baghdad too and realizes that the iron mills are in danger. Esref Aziz and the workers in the construction got hurt after the explosions one after another. Hunkar realizes that the masons have done this. The man Mika sent to Aqaba kidnap Esref’s son.

Esref confronts the man who kidnapped his son, but the man sent by Mika poisons Esref’s son. Sultan Abdulhamid realizes that only one intact warehouse remains and orders that warehouse to be preserved. The man sent by Mika frees Esref’s son and runs away. Abdulhamid goes to the garden of the palace to walk and thinks about the latest events there. Tahsin Pasha goes to the garden, and tells that the iron warehouse known only to Pashas has exploded. Sultan Abdulhamid realizes that a Pasha attended the Masonic meeting in Thessaloniki.

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