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Man Takes Pak Suzuki to Court for Not Fixing Critical Fault Under Warranty

A customer has taken legal action against Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) over the alleged unfulfillment of a warranty claim.

According to details, a customer who bought a Suzuki Alto VXL AGS from a dealership in Faisalabad discovered a critical fault in his car shortly after buying it. A legal document available with ProPakistani reads:

After approximately 4 months’ time, the vehicle has been found defective due to mechanical issues. My client has been confronting problem in gear shifting that also causes large amount of oil consumption and vibration to entire vehicle. As the problem persisted, my client rushed to nearby authorised Suzuki workshop in Jhang. The workshop personnel told my client that a gear needed to be replaced and for that seven hundred thousand rupees (Rs.700,000) would be charged. My client provided warranty card, however, the workshop personnel denied entertaining that warranty claim. Otherwise, page 2 of the warranty book clearly mentions for a claim of warranty if a vehicle has not been driven for more than sixty thousand kilometres (60,000 km) from the date of invoice. My client’s vehicle is only driven to thirteen thousand kilometre (13,000 km) till 19 December 2021.

The plaintiff claims to have taken his vehicle to multiple dealerships in Lahore, where he currently resides. He stated that one of the dealerships tried to mislead him by pointing out irrelevant issues to fleece money off of him.

He further stated that he paid for his car’s throttle service and other maintenance bills in hopes to get rid of the issue, but it persisted. A few days later, a car expert identified the issue with his gearbox, the customer claimed.

During another inspection, the dealership told the complainant that engineers will run multiple tests on his car and that the gearbox replacement is a last resort for the company.

After the test, the company corroborated the customer’s diagnosis of a gearbox fault through a field technical information report (FTIR) prepared by PSMC’s own field test driver.

Despite that, however, the dealership refused to entertain his warranty claim, the plaintiff said. He further alleged that the dealership CEO instead tried to force him to drop his legal action, telling him that his notice is inconsequential.

After the completion of his legal notice’s 30-day statutory period, the plaintiff filed a petition against PSMC and its dealership. He added that the court has issued a reconciliation deadline of June 18, 2022, while the company is still silent about the matter.

The plaintiff recently lodged a written complaint at PSMC’s customer care center about the issue. However, the company reached out to him and said that they cannot entertain his complaint as it is now a legal matter.

The story is still developing as both parties are awaiting a verdict from the consumer court.

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