Latest QMobile in Pakistan

Latest QMobile in Pakistan

QMobile Price in Pakistan: Qmobile is a Karachi based telecom and innovation organization that sells straightforward telephones and Android cell phones in Pakistan. Because of its modest value runs, the brand is renowned in lower-center to center and upper-working class of society.

It was once viewed as one of the biggest selling telephones in Pakistan. Qmobile telephones display extraordinary highlights and determinations under an entirely sensible value range. Qmobile costs in Pakistan were kept low, while the quality remained refreshed.

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Qmobile models acquired moment notoriety in Pakistan after its delivery in 2009. The justification its fame was all its scopes of telephones. QMobile Mobile Phones beneficially kept up with its notoriety and client market in Pakistan. It kept on bringing effective quality items at incredibly reasonable value rates.

The assembling plant of the organization isn’t situated in Pakistan. It imports the entirety of its quality portable parts from China’s biggest cell phone producer organization named Gionee. Qmobile models have obtained a solid position all through Pakistan by advancing its broad administrations and guarantee.

QMobile Mobile Price in Pakistan

The unmistakable idea of the Qmobile is that the brand has the costs orchestrated by the Pakistan clients which makes their selective close by revenue. QMobile progressed cell phones, tablets, and bar telephones are available at reasonable costs all over Pakistan. Another element of QMobile is the immense norm of client care accessibility across Pakistan. It infers viably changing hurt or blemished models for an assurance; it suggests that you can fix your messed up PDA for an assurance. Check the latest and forthcoming QMobile cell phone rates in Pakistan.

Qmobile Range of Phones

Al through Pakistan, Qmobile acquired acclaim for both of its telephone types: Bar and Smartphones. Qmobile models show astonishing highlights.

  1. Bar Phones

Qmobile bar telephones are exceptionally utilized by a huge local area of the general public and these telephones are given the remarkable highlights of radio, double sim accessibility and long battery time. Something else that recognizes Qmobile from its rivals is its method of tremendous showcasing. A great deal of TV, radio and limited time occasions or projects are being supported by the brand. Also, the promoting efforts of Qmobile are extremely impressive; they recruit an eminent individual of note as their image envoy and it reinforces their showcasing esteems. These bar cell phones costs in Pakistan are truly reasonable with different embellishments like earphones and charger.

  1. Cell phones

Qmobile cell phones show extraordinary highlights and details with a truly sensible value range. It has been utilized by countless individuals and they appear to be extremely happy with the nature of Android cell phones. These bar cell phone’s cost in Pakistan is entirely moderate even that working class individual can possess a decent cell phone with incredible particulars, for example, great camera quality, extraordinary screen goal, the sensible measure of smash or inner stockpiling, 3G, 4G and LTE information help. Interior details, yet the brand likewise offers extremely cool hued and keen packaging telephones with extraordinary assortment. There is some entirely astounding worth talking about a progression of the brand.

Different Finest Series

Noir Series: It is quite possibly the most well known cell phone series of the Qmobile brand. Noir series is viewed as quite possibly the most utilized cell phone series among all others. Being somewhat costly, it additionally displays extraordinary highlights. Telephones under this series give high-thickness battery time, 16GB memory, great showcase size with the office of availability for example Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G, 4G and LTE help. Noir series cost in Pakistan is so sensible and moderate. The series is additionally sorted into An and Z telephones with a little contrast in interior and outside highlights.

Qmobile Infinity Series. It is the second series of the brand considered as a refined and appealing series offered by the brand. Highlights of the cell phones lying in this classification are acceptable camera quality, 16GB inherent and 2GB smash memory, removable battery and network highlights like WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, and LTE help. Qmobile boundlessness series is father partitioned into E, C and B telephones.

Qmobile E4 series: is a most utilized series comprised of the basic bar telephones. This series is the least expensive yet the most selling too. It has details like the light, great battery life, radio and double sim accessibility.

Impending Qmobiles New Models in Pakistan

After a long delay, Qmobile is prepared to dispatch new models in the year 2020. Qmobile costs in Pakistan will be sensible and quality will be high, according to the organization’s arrangements. Following are the normal impending telephones of Qmobile in Pakistan:

  • Qmobile QSmart Hot Pro 2
  • Qmobile QSmart LT200
  • Qmobile i8i
  • Qmobile i5i
  • Qmobile QSmart LT950
  • Qmobile QSmart LT900
  • Qmobile L3 Lite
  • Qmobile I8i Pro II
  • Qmobile Paris

Qmobile Double Dhamal

Individuals look for telephone highlights prior to getting it. In case somebody is confounded between two unique sets it can think about them on Urdu Point’s exceptional page. For instance, somebody is befuddled between purchasing Qmobile noir and Qmobile vastness; he can think about it on Urdu Point portable page. A correlation of various telephones for example Qmobile with Samsung office is likewise accessible.


Is Qmobile actually producing cell phones in Pakistan?

Expectedly Yes! for the year2020 Qmobile is good to go to enter the market with their restrictive bar telephones and cell phones at the most reasonable costs.

Who is the proprietor of Qmobile?

Mian Zeeshan Akhter is the CEO and proprietor of Qmobile. Qmobile really signifies “Quality Mobiles”.

Is Qmobile a Pakistani Company?

Qmobile stands apart as a Pakistan buyer electronic advertising organization which was dispatched in the year 2009. It once used to be the biggest cell phone advertising brand in Pakistan.

Why Qmobile was prohibited?

In the year 2021, Qmobile was found in the enormous scope sneaking and tax avoidance. Specialists prohibited the organization to work inside the country until the following notification.


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