Due to a hacking attempt earlier in the day, Stormfiber’s main website, Pakistan’s most dependable fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet and television service provider, saw significant anomalies. The Neo-h4ck3r hacker collective from India was identified as the source of the attempt.

Indian hackers' attempt to hack Stormfiber's website was stopped

With the recent launch of its services in Rawalpindi after making a huge impact with its high-quality service in the rest of the country, StormFiber, Pakistan’s #1 corporate ISP, powered by Cybernet, has seen an increase in business.

The hacking effort can be explained by a variety of factors, including the theft of customer information such as bank or credit card information, CNIC numbers, etc. However, the attempt was effectively thwarted because no data breaches occurred, and Stormfiber alerted its clients of the situation via social media.

They stated, “This morning, foreign hackers targeted our website www.stromfiber.com, changing the front page. Due to the website’s limited public, static content storage, no consumer payment information was compromised.

In any case, before bringing the website back online, we had to sanitise and repair it. Aside from that, our website, which was developed using the most recent infrastructure and technology, will be launched next month. This tragic incidence on our current website happened while it was being tested.

“Our users connect on to use an external internet payment gateway (IPG) to make payments; each time they do so, they are prompted to enter their card information. As we don’t save payment information at the time the payment is processed, we do this. Tokenization is now being enabled so that card numbers can be saved securely; however, the most secure method is to manually enter card information each time. We regret the difficulty and commotion we have created.

The internet has a significant impact on how interconnected our modern world is. India has tried unsuccessfully for more than ten years to breach our websites in an effort to demonstrate to the world its fifth generation cyber warfare capabilities. Such attacks have also been seen against websites belonging to the military and other governmental institutions in an effort to obtain sensitive information, but the Pakistani government has always been successful in thwarting all attempts and will do likewise in the future.

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