Best Places for Hi tea in islamabad 2022

Islamabad is one of the unique places in the world whose people may enjoy Hi tea in islamabad in all its beauty. It has a humid, subtropical climate. Hi tea in islamabad The weather ranges from comfortable to chilly, and it frequently falls below zero. In the hills, there is also some light snowfall. Here, it pours a lot. As a result, the weather is generally cool. There are wonderful spots to drink high tea in Islamabad on nice evenings.

An enjoyable caffeine-free beverage is encouraged by the lovely location and weather. You should drink a hot cup of tea to stay hydrated, especially in chilly weather. Additionally, drinking two or three cups of tea each day lowers chances for colds, flu, and fevers.

It explains why there are so many cafés and tea establishments in Islamabad. Additionally, drinking tea can increase your body’s levels of serotonin and melatonin, which will make you feel more relaxed without falling asleep. From the list of recommended locations below, pick your favourite spot to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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Best Places for Hi tea in islamabad 2022

  • 1. The Monal: Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad
  • 2. Nadia Café Hi Tea in Islamabad
  • 3. Chaaye Khana: For the Love of Tea
  • 4. The Hangover Café Hi Tea in Islamabad
  • 5. Street 1 Café: Best Hi Tea in Islamabad
  • 6. Atrio Café and Grill Hi Tea in Islamabad
  • 7. Tuscany Courtyard: For Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad
  • 8. Des Pardes Hi Tea in Islamabad
  • 9. Maira Restaurant’s Hi Tea in Islamabad
  • 10. Rakaposhi Heights Hi-Tea in Islamabad

1. The Monal Best Hi Tea in Islamabad

If you want to get the ultimate hi tea experience amidst the gorgeous green hills of Margalla, Monal is your best bet. It is a well-liked vacation spot. Additionally, a wide variety of fast, continental, and international food options are available. Additionally, the breathtaking perspective of the capital city will add to the wonder and memorableness of your visit. The terrace where the dining area is located is the ideal setting for a romantic meal.

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Indeed, it is renowned for its coffee and high tea. The Monal Islamabad offers a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet in addition to a delectable Hi Tea plate.

Hi-Tea Menu By Monal

Pakistani platter offers

  • Tea or Coffee
  • Chicken Boti Boneless
  • Samosa
  • Mini Kebab Chicken Seekh
  • Pakora
  • Gulab Jaman

Platter continental offers

  • Sandwich Assorted
  • Crispy Wings
  • Samosa qeema
  • Meatball Chinese
  • Roll Spring
  • Puff Cream

2. Nadia Café Hi Tea in Islamabad

The Marriot hotel houses the classiest and most exquisite café. It’s the perfect place to unwind and have fun with your pals. You will basically be given some comfort food. The food is of excellent quality, and the menu has a wonderful atmosphere.

There are many delectable delicacies on the menu, including continental, Chinese, and Pakistani fare. This wonderful location offers a truly divine hi-tea buffet. The alternatives available to you include fast food, shawarmas, wraps, and traditional Pakistani cuisine.

It is quite expensive in comparison. This restaurant occasionally features live music. It works best for dinners with clients and family get-togethers. Above all, the ambiance is tranquil and calming.

Best Places for Hi tea in islamabad 2022

Hi-Tea Menu by Nadia Café

The following items are included

  • Tea or Coffee
  • Classic Toast
  • French Fries      
  • Gulab Jaman
  • Cake cheese
  • Tortilla Vegetarian
  • Marriott Burger beed
  • Smoked Sandwich Salmon Open
  • Fajitas Mexican
  • Wings Buffalo
  • Saloni Tikka Fish
  • Tiramisu
  • Burger Chicken
  • Cake Opera

3. Chaaye Khana: For the Love of Tea

For tea enthusiasts in particular, this café in F.11 is a favourite. It was founded in 2016 and has long been a favourite among customers. Chaaye Khana also has a varied hi-tea menu.

When it’s cold outside, a warm cup of tea allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Customers can also access free WiFi at the café.

Everything you need is in this high tea. Two people can be served from one plate. BBQ, the Chatkhara Corner, salads, appetisers, main dishes, and desserts are all options. They specialise in Kashmiri tea, tandoori chai, and peshawari kehwa.

This restaurant offers indoor and outdoor eating. Family breakfasts and casual business meetings work well here.

Chaaye Khana: For the Love of Tea

Hi-Tea Menu By Chaaye Khana

  • Fresh Juices
  • Milkshakes
  • Soups
  • Croquettes
  • Samosa
  • Rolls Spring
  • Chat Platter
  • Brownie Chocolate
  • Pizzas
  • Hot Chicken Wings
  • Blueberry Cake

4. The Hangover Café Hi Tea in Islamabad

There is a lot of murmur about the hangover café, which is located in E-11 Markaz in Islamabad. You will connect with the vibe when you enter, making your mouth water. In addition, the quantity and quality of food are great here. Also, the staff is quite cooperative and humble here. You will find lots of fresh French sauces and fast food.

Also, the decoration here is much appreciated; it is done with fresh, bright colours and has unique and modern chairs and tables.

4. The Hangover Café Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Hi Tea Menu By Hangover Café

  • Mousse Chocolate
  • Brownie
  • Dahi bhalay
  • Mint Margarita
  • Tea
  • Cup of Mexican
  • Salad Ceaser
  • Wings BBQ
  • Skewers chicken
  • Cheese Balls
  • Granola Fruit

5. Street 1 Café: Best Hi Tea in Islamabad

The Street 1 Café offers the best food along with a variety of Italian food, Chinese and Pakistani. It is also famous for qualitative food at a reasonable price. You will love the dining experience here.

Numerous tasty items are offered on its menu, which is quite enough for two people. This highly tempting platter comes with sweets, savoury items, and cakes.  

These restaurants offer food like chicken skewers, shawarma, falafel, chana chaat, finger fish, and Mexican cups. In addition, Coconut pastries, Brownies, Éclairs, Café 1 Cake, Lotus Cheesecake, and many more are offered.

Street 1 Café: Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Hi Tea Menu offered By Street 1 Café

  • Beef Products
  • Soups
  • Burgers
  • Savoury
  • Panini and sandwiches
  • Seafood
  • Chicken
  • Appetizers
  • Desserts

6. Atrio Café and Grill Hi Tea in Islamabad

The location of this magnificent one is F.7 Markaz. You’ll have the finest hi-tea experience possible thanks to it. The setting is relaxing, fine dining is very nice, and there are many options on the menu.

There is a vast range of cuisine and other things available. Their interesting hi-tea platter is designed for two people. Chicken grilled skewers, penne spaghetti, egg pudding, fish strips, half-slice cake, stuffed cheese balls, and blueberry mousse are some of the available dishes. There are numerous coffee options available, including cold coffee. With two storeys, it provides breath-taking exterior views.

Atrio Café and Grill Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Hi Tea Menu offered By Atrio Café

  • Tea Family
  • Lemonade
  • Seafood
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Desserts
  • Barbecue
  • Burgers
  • Soups
  • Cold coffee
  • Soups
  • sandwiches

7. Tuscany Courtyard: For Best Hi Tea in Islamabad

Tuscany is a famous restaurant whose hi-tea is famous. The story behind this restaurant is that three friends opened it and named it after Italy. The architecture and colour scheme is such that you may feel like you are actually in Italy. You are offered numerous bakery products and desserts here.

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Their hi-tea buffet offers you five different salads, soups, ten entrees, cold mezzeh, beverages, chaat corner, dessert bar, and desserts. The inner and outer dining experience is surprising as outside tables and umbrellas are also present. And in Islamabad, as always, Weather adds up to the ambience. The atmosphere can be enjoyed here with your friends and family.

Tuscany Courtyard: For Best Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Hi-Tea Menu by Tuscany Courtyard

  • Mint Margarita
  • Salad Ceaser
  • Salad Russian
  • Salad Pasta
  • Salad Red Bean
  • Chicken Cream Soup
  • Tempura Prawn
  • Finger Fish and Chips
  • Chicken Grilled
  • Thai Fettucine Spicy
  • Chicken Baked
  • Oyster Sauce (Beef)
  • Honey wings BBQ
  • Tiramisu 

8. Des Pardes Hi Tea in Islamabad

Desi cuisine from the Pardes is nice to eat and adore. This hotel offers a magnificent view of the Margalla Hills. There are several classic dishes available on the menu. Desi enthusiasts should definitely check out des Pardes. Some of their best-selling handi include continental and Mughlai. Several delicacies, include roti, finger fish, vegetable spin rolls, chowmein, nan, and seekh kabab. Its high tea menu includes different salad options, sandwiches, chanties, live counters, and beverages including black or green tea.

Along with hi-tea, dessert options include cake slices, pastries, candies, and kheer. The atmosphere has a distinctly Indian flavour to it. It also presents a chance for hiking.

Des Pardes Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Hi-Tea Menu by Des Pardes

  • BBQ Pizza
  • Pizza
  • Appetizer
  • Paratha tandoori
  • Paratha desi
  • Coodh Patti
  • Karak chayee
  • Fresh juice
  • Fresh shake
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Gulab Jaman
  • Soups

9. Maira Restaurant’s Hi Tea in Islamabad

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant offering numerous cuisines like continental, hi-tea, multi-cuisine, and dinner buffets. Pakistani chefs prepare numerous international cuisines. This restaurant will take your dining experience up to the next level. They offer salads, soups, and desserts. Their hi-tea is known for quantity and quality. Hi tea in islamabad

Hi-Tea Menu by Maira Restaurant

  • La Cucina Italiana
  • Continental food
  • Appetizers
  • Soups
  • Live Grill Charcoal
  • Sandwich
  • Pakistani specialities

10. Rakaposhi Heights Hi Tea in Islamabad

At the top of F.7 Markaz, Rakaposhi’s height is located. It is an Afghani restaurant. You can enjoy authentic Afghani dishes with an amazing view. You can experience real spices and taste their dishes. Also, live music performance is conducted during nighttime. They offer salads and starters, Chinese to BBQ and afghani dishes. Children below five can enjoy themselves freely, while those above five will be charged. Delicious food can be enjoyed in an amazing ambience.

Rakaposhi Heights Hi-Tea in Islamabad

Hi Tea Menu by Rakaposhi Heights

  • Biscuits offered
  • Slice of cake
  • Chaat
  • Spring roll
  • Gol gappay
  • Samosa
  • Dahi bhallay
  • Dumplings
  • Chowmein chicken
  • Garlic hot chicken
  • Sheer Khorma
  • Naan roghni
  • Paratha Aloo
  • Naan kalonji
  • Green Tea
  • Apple salad Cabbage
  • Fried egg rice
  • Salad pasta

End note

These famous restaurants offer hi tea in Islamabad. The buffet and menu of hi-tea are also provided. Among all the drinks, tea is a good choice when you go through congestion or sore throat as it will soothe your throat. Hope it will be comfortable for you to choose the best place. Hi tea in islamabad. Hi tea in islamabad

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