Zain Internet Monthly Package (KSA), Zain Monthly Packages

It is often seen that many people face the problem of Zain Internet Monthly Package (KSA), \”Zain Monthly Packages\” who go from their country to Saudi Arabia for work or Hajj Ikram or Umrah pilgrims, today we will tell you about the internet packages that you can choose from. Can Install package.

Zain Internet Monthly Package (KSA), Zain Monthly Packages

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable internet service provider in Saudi Arabia? Apart from Zain Internet Monthly Package (KSA), Zain Monthly Packages Zain offers a wide range of internet packages that are perfect for anyone. So you can rest assured that you are getting high quality service at a great price. We are providing you all internet packages for Zain network on one page so that you can compare each package with other packages.

Package NamePackage Price (SAR)ValidityVolumeActivation Code
Zain Monthly Internet Package34.51 Month2GB405
Zain 4GB Internet Offer57.51 Month4GB406
Zain 8GB Internet Offer86.251 Month8GB407
Zain 100GB Internet Offer1841 Month100GB411
Zain Unlimited Internet Offer373.751 MonthUnlimited Internet416
Zain 5G Unlimited Internet373.751 MonthUnlimited Internet416
Zain Night Internet PackagePrice varies1 MonthUnlimited DataN/A (Check Zain website or app)

Zain offers a range of internet packages in Saudi Arabia to cater to various data needs. For those looking for a basic monthly plan, the Zain Monthly Internet Package provides 2GB of data at a cost of SAR 34.5, with an activation code of 405. If you require more data, the Zain 4GB Internet Offer is available at SAR 57.5, activated by dialing 406. For even higher data requirements, the Zain 8GB Internet Offer provides 8GB for SAR 86.25, and you can activate it with code 407.

For heavy data users, there\’s the Zain 100GB Internet Offer, priced at SAR 184, and the Zain Unlimited Internet Offer for SAR 373.75, both valid for one month and activated using codes 411 and 416, respectively. Zain also offers a 5G Unlimited Internet package at the same price and activation code. Additionally, Zain offers a Night Internet Package with unlimited data during specific night hours, with pricing available on their website or app.

Please note that the price for the Zain Night Internet Package varies, so it\’s recommended to check Zain\’s website or app for the current pricing.

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