Top 10 Best korean Dramas 2023 | korean Dramas on Netflix

If you find Best korean Dramas 2023 | korean Dramas on Netflix and no longer scare you, this Blog is for you. Sit back and enjoy some options that are not for the faint-hearted.

Top 10 Best korean Dramas 2023 | korean Dramas on Netflix

Reborn Rich


Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy

In the thrilling world of corporate secrets and revenge, a loyal employee is murdered to conceal a tax evasion scheme. However, a twist of fate leads to his reincarnation as the family\’s youngest grandson. Directed by Jung Dae-hyun, this series delves into a web of intrigue and personal vendettas. It\’s a fictional series inspired by real-life personalities, including the founder of Samsung.

Mr. Sunshine


Genre: Historical, Romance

A true masterpiece, \”Mr. Sunshine\” is set against the backdrop of an old Korea. It follows a young man who escapes to the United States to evade slavery but returns to fight for his homeland. There, he falls in love with an aristocratic woman, leading to a captivating historical and romantic drama. The series, awarded Drama of the Year in 2018, boasts stunning cinematography and a deep narrative.

Alchemy of Souls


Genre: Fantasy, Action, Romance

Directed by Park Jun Hua and written by the famous Hong sisters, \”Alchemy of Souls\” is set in a fictional world that combines magic, action, and romance. It follows the story of a powerful elite fighter and sorceress whose soul becomes trapped in the body of a blind woman. Together, they must change the destiny of a prestigious family. With an incredible cast led by Jung So-min and Lee Jae-wook, the series has become one of Netflix\’s top 10 most-watched series, and both seasons are now available.

The Glory

Genre: Revenge, Thriller

\”The Glory\” is a gripping revenge thriller that sheds light on the agony and torment of real victims of bullying. Starring the brilliant Song Hye-kyo in her first thriller series, it follows a young girl who survives atrocious bullying at school and devises an elaborate plan to take revenge on each of her bullies. The series achieved the top spot in Netflix\’s Global top 10, and a sequel is expected in March 2023.

Our Blues


Genre: Drama, Slice of Life

\”Our Blues\” is a must-watch Korean production set in Jeju Island, revolving around the lives of a group of people as they face daily challenges. This drama, known for its authentic portrayal of life\’s ups and downs, has become one of the highest-rated dramas in the history of Korean television. It\’s notable for featuring an actress with Down Syndrome and a hearing-impaired actress.

Extraordinary Attorney Wu

Drama This heartwarming drama introduces us to a genius lawyer on the autism spectrum who faces complex challenges after joining the country\’s top law firm. Park Yoon\’s brilliant performance drives the success of the series. While the first season is available on Netflix, fans will have to wait for the second season due to the actor Kang Keo\’s mandatory military service.

Crash Landing on You

Genre: Romance,

Drama \”Crash Landing on You\” is a captivating love story that unfolds after a South Korean heiress, played by Son Ye-jin, has a paragliding accident in North Korea and receives secret help from an army officer, portrayed by Hyun Bin. Their undeniable chemistry contributed to the series\’ success, making it a top pick on Netflix for over seven weeks.

Taxi Driver

Genre: Action, Thriller

Under the perfect direction of Park Jun-woo, \”Taxi Driver\” follows Kim Do-gi, played by Lee Je-hoon, as he seeks revenge for his mother\’s murder by joining a secret organization that delivers justice to victims abandoned by the law, all through a simple cab service. Many cases in the series are based on real atrocious crimes committed in Korea, proving that reality can surpass fiction.

Dr. Cha Jung Sook

Genre: Romantic, Medical

Drama This romantic medical drama revolves around Dr. Cha Jung-sook, who sacrificed her college years to be a mother and wife. However, her husband leads a double life as an excellent doctor. Directed by Kim Dae-jin, this series promises to unravel secrets and conflicts within the family. It\’s currently airing on Korean Channel JTBC.



Genre: Action, Thriller

\”Vincenzo\” is an explosive mix of mobsters and lawyers, directed by the great Kim Hee-won. The story follows Vincenzo, a lawyer with connections to the mafia who flees to Seoul to fulfill a personal mission that becomes increasingly complicated. Song Joong-ki\’s perfect performance in the lead role makes this series a must-watch. Available on Netflix, it\’s considered one of the most-watched Korean series in history.

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