kurulus Osman Season 4 English, Urdu Subtitles

kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Watch And Download kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost, Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 103 English, Also Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 103 In Urdu Subtitles Only On Pakistanwap, And Watch More Historical Series

kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost
kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost

kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Now we will be shown all this planning in the form of flashback While Bengi Hatun and Alcicek Hatun may not be aware of this plan For this reason, Bengi Hatun’s actions will cause a lot of confusion On the subject of Turgat Bey, we have explained in detail earlier In scenes from the trailer, he is seen fighting alongside Osman Bey in a battle against

Olof That means their case will be solved soon Apart from this there are many such topics Which is attracting fans Will talk about them too If we first mention the release of the trailer before the new episode Fans wished that if the episode did not release this week So they should be given a surprise by releasing at least one trailer As Kurulus Osman’s team did not spring a surprise

kurulus Osman Episode 103

They might even release the trailer a day before the episode We told you earlier that it depends on the will of Kurulus Osman’s team If you want, you can also release the third glimpse of this episode Fans also ask some very important and curious questions We will describe them in detail Mongols have always been a major theme of the series There are no two opinions about this

But the terror of the Mongols has not been shown for some time And the reason for this is almost known to all of you That the Mongol state was no longer so powerful Their downfall has already begun Fans may find the tale of Mongol brutality a little more interesting Mongol audacious and dangerous commanders attracted their attention Many Mongol alternatives are being introduced in the series,

kurulus Osman Episode 103 Urdu Subtitles

while testing the importance of such dangerous characters Last season introduced enemies called Assassins and Angels of Death And now the Vikings have emerged as the new enemy About whom no one had ever heard or seen before Yes, but the Vikings are making up for the lack of the Mongols to some extent And his character seems to be impressing the fans A dangerous enemy

always plays an important role in a great story It is because of this that the hero’s potential emerges Despite all these different enemies, fans seem to question the Mongols It is not even that the role of the Mongols in the series has completely disappeared Rather, they will be shown periodically Indeed, they will not be as formidable and strong as before But a famous Mongol commander will come forward

kurulus Osman Episode 103 English Subtitles

Which is called Chawdar The Mongol horrors will not be over yet We will see Mongols like Jaybe again and again in the series As for Commander Chowdar, he will also launch a dangerous attack But remember that until this commander is brought forward Then we will also get to see the Gemiyanogullar Tribe Because Gurmani will support this commander against Osman Bey Kuluchaisar will attack

as soon as Chaudar arrives That is, he will advance towards the Ottoman lands But by then the Ottomans would also be strong enough And this attack will not be faced by Osman Bey but by Orhan Bey And remember that Orhan Bey will defend strongly here And after defeating the Mongols, he will imprison Chawdar The mistakes Orhan Bey is being shown to make in the series In the future,

kurulus Osman Episode 103 In Urdu Subtitles

he will look stronger than that But remember that all these events are not possible so soon These will be seen after a gap of many years At present, Commander Chawdar will not appear Rather, when the Seljuks come forward, a weak character like Cebe will be brought forward Which will end soon Who will last longer in the story, Frigg and Olof? Before discussing this let us turn to the story of Aktemur Bey

and Alcicek Hatun We told you before that Osman Bey and Oktem Bey had planned together All of this is evident from Oktem Bey’s reaction to the decision That Oktem Bey also trusts Osman Bey And he’s on her side too And then, after such a shock, to strengthen the union of the two tribes, and in view of the mutual interest of Alcicek Hatun and Aktemur Bey, the marriage of the two will soon be decided.

kurulus Osman Episode 103 By Pakwap

The story will be seen to progress rapidly in every episode Both Frigg and Olof are such villains Its presence in the series is quite dangerous Fans feel that after a long time the series has brought such villains Who have influenced everyone Fans wondered how long their roles would last Remember that the frag is very fast Which has also spied on the Turks In fact,

the character of Frigg will end first And Olof will be looking for revenge And Olof’s role is likely to continue even after the Battle of Kohnisar Talking about Konur, fans are wondering if his character will remain as a detective It should be remembered that now his spying phase is almost over

Because he will be seen participating in historic battles with Osman Bey How eager are you to watch the new episode after a delay of two weeks? Be sure to let us know in the comments Like and share the article See You Soon!

kurulus Osman Episode 103 English Subtitles

kurulus Osman Episode 103 Urdu Subtitles

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