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kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost

kurulus Osman Episode 103 (Season 4 Episode 5) Urdu, English Subtitles Free Of Cost

Due to this, the channel will not be able to air the episode And all this news that the series is going on hiatus or closing is baseless The episode will be released on November 9 after a week’s delay But fans are now thinking that That now this week is going to disappoint them That means now they will get to see any more glimpses of the series or not Fans are hoping that the series will come up with some more trailers to tide them over this gloomy week Nothing can be said about it Because it all depends on Kurulus Osman’s team

They may also release a third trailer in case of a surprise Let’s come to the important scenes of the second released trailer The most surprising scene was this That Konur Alp was attacked And everyone is worried whether he will be a martyr or not As of now, fans are worried that Konur Alp’s role may once again be eliminated And a new face will be shown as a historical character Earlier, the Kurulus Osman series featured a character, Konur Alp, who was eliminated And a new character was introduced in the form of the historical soldier

Now this character has made a home in the hearts of fans So everyone is being intimidated by presenting such a scene about him Konur Alp is attacked by Olof So there are many questions in the mind of the fans Will he see this role end as well? Most importantly, what Konur and Ofilia are caught up with And both will be killed according to the order of the emperor We saw in the first trailer that Konur Alp and Ofilia are attacked by Olof And in the second trailer, Olof himself even stabbed Konur Alp with his axe Indeed, these will be somewhat dangerous wounds But these injuries will not end his character After this attack we may now see Osman Bey as a real soldier

That means the spying phase will probably be over now But keep in mind that nothing will happen to him The series should not turn all the arrows by eliminating this single important historical character in the series Coming to this important topic Which has confused everyone till now The series hasn’t even turned to a state system in the real sense yet And there are state problems too A civil war i.e. rebellion is going to start Or it should be said that the rebellion has already started It is a different story to show Osman Bey fighting on the battlefield against enemies

But drawing a sword or making judgments against one’s fellows is like splitting one’s heart in two On the other hand, the Turkic tribes finally achieved this feat Swords were drawn against Turgat Bey in the Karkin tribe He was even arrested Taking up the sword against Osman Bey’s companion and one who comes under his command is no different from striking against Osman Bey All this happened in reaction to this decision which has been done against Octim Bey We will also discuss what secrets are hidden in this decision But first comes Bengi Hatun’s moves and Osman Bey’s controlling style Turgat Bey had already encircled the Karkin tribe on the orders of

Osman Bey And when he entered the tribe So on the orders of Bengi Hatun, the other chieftains captured Turgat Bey Not only that, Bengi Hatun has also prepared a plan to attack Yenisahir But Osman Bey is not in these conditions That they can defend the city themselves Because now he is also facing external enemies Osman Bey will surrender the city of Malhun Hatun and his sons And we think they have that much power That they can protect the city All of Bengi Hatun’s moves will push him further into trouble While Osman Bey had arranged another plan What about Turgut Bey?

Before discussing its details, let me tell you this That in the final scene of the trailer, we see Turgut Bey returning from a successful battle with Osman Bey That means this matter will be resolved The secret of the surprising verdict of the Octim Bey case has also been revealed In the trailer itself, Osman Bey and Dursun Feki are seen discussing the decision before the trial

That is, it was decided before the trial that there would be a verdict that would not be based on the truth And Osman Bey will remain silent We already told you That all decisions are part of the plan Discuss what the purpose of this decision was So by doing this, the enemies had to be misled After being implicated in the wrong decision, Kantakuzenos was spared and returned to Constantinople. Now the upcoming episode will be full of action

There will be a lot of excitement in the working class and Yenisahir too The differences between the two will reach a peak once Then it will all be over But one change is quite impressive All the previous seasons, watching Malhun Hatun fight in the wars, everyone objected that the character of Bala Hatun was put on the wall. While now all the objections are being removed Because now and again BalakHatun is seen in the battlefield One of the reasons for this is that

Bala Hatun is also being shown in the field and justice is being done to this role And then they also face a formidable villain That is why Bala hatun is seen repeatedly in the battlefield Some fans feared that showing Bala hatun in the battles was meant to end the character by making her a martyr.

While the series does not intend to do so In the second match between Osman Bey and Olof, Olof will suffer a crushing defeat Of course, it will be a tough match In the end, Osman Bey would bring the soldiers along with Olof as prisoners This scene is shown in the last scene of the trailer While in this attack Osman Bey has also injured Olof Now Osman Bey is seen dominating the enemies this time Will this break make you all sad too? Are you also eagerly waiting for the episode? Do express your opinion in the comment box See You Soon!

kurulus Osman Episode 104 English Subtitles

kurulus Osman Episode 104 Urdu Subtitles

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