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Google Pixel 7 Prototype Listed for Sale Briefly

We have already seen the upcoming Pixel 7 through official renders shared by Google. The phone will retain its camera visor design from last year but with separate cutouts for the cameras.

Now the Pixel 7’s prototype has leaked online, giving us an even better look at the phone’s design as well as a glimpse at the UI. The prototype was listed on eBay and Facebook before it was quickly removed, but not before screenshots were circulated on the internet.

The seller posted multiple photos of the Pixel 7 online which show a pre-production Pixel 7 prototype as indicated by the unusual markings and logo on the device. In the images below, you can also see that the Pixel 7 Pro was used to take a picture of the Pixel 7. Both devices look exactly like Google’s teaser earlier this month.

The images were shared on Twitter by XDA Developer’s former chief editor Mishaal Rahman. These also show a brief glimpse at the phone’s UI.

YouTuber This is Tech Today also made a detailed video on the leak where he mentions the Facebook Marketplace listing and how the seller’s name and location were clearly shown in the listing. The information was censored in the video and the listing has been removed as mentioned before.

Google Pixel 7 series is not arriving until October this year, at least according to Google’s track record for previous releases.

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