Check jazz Remaining Package (mbs and minutes) Weekly & Monthly Packages

Jaaz Network is very much used in Pakistan nowadays, because their services and net speed are very good, but their users always face a problem of how much data they have used and how much they have left. Is? To answer the questions of how many call minutes have been used and how much is left, we are presenting you with a Jazz remaining MB check code that you can use to check the remaining amount of your subscribed package. Candidates can easily inquire about the details of the benefits.

So don\’t go anywhere and read more details of the below article to check out the remaining MBs of Jazz. Also, if your Balance Auto expires and you want to unsubscribe from any package, those codes are also given below in the article.

Check jazz/Warid Remaining Package (mbs and minutes) Weekly & Monthly Packages

To check your remaining MBs for Jazz 3G/4G packages, there are two easy methods. You can find out the remaining incentives of your package using the following ways:

Status Inquiry via Code:

If you\’re interested in knowing how many MBs are left in your active internet package, hybrid bundle, or regional bundle, you don\’t need to worry. The solution is simple. To inquire about the remaining MBs via code, just add *2# to the subscription code of the package you want to check.

To check the remaining MBs on the Warid network, now a part of the Jazz network due to the merger of Mobilink and Warid, follow these steps: Warid customers can simply dial the USSD code *100# to receive comprehensive details about their offers.

To Check jazz/Warid Remaining Package, follow these steps:

Checking Remaining MBs of Any Package:

To know the remaining MBs of any subscribed package, add *2# after its subscription code and press the dial button. You\’ll receive a status inquiry message. For instance, if the subscription code for an offer is *117*14#, add *117142# and press dial to receive complete details of your remaining Jazz MBs for that offer.

Checking Remaining MBs of Jazz Weekly Internet Package:

To inquire about details of the weekly internet packages, dial 11747*2# to get complete information about your remaining data MBs.

Checking Remaining MBs of Jazz Monthly Internet Package:

For the Jazz Monthly Premium Offer, check remaining internet MBs by dialing 11730*2#. The message you receive will provide details about your remaining MBs.

Checking Jazz Internet Package:

To check details about remaining MBs and package validity, dial 1174*2# or use the Jazz World app.

Checking Jazz MBB Remaining Balance:

Dial *6363# from another contact number, choose option 3 (\”Check the balance of MY MBB No.\”) to know your remaining MBB data balance.

Checking Free Jazz Minutes and MBs:

Easily check your free Jazz minutes and MBs by dialing *110#.

Checking Remaining Resources in Jazz Prepaid:

You can check remaining resources by:

  • Dialing *111# at Rs. 0.24 per inquiry.
  • Dialing 4446*2#.
  • Sending \”4\” to Jazz\’s WhatsApp self-service number (03003008000) after sending \”Hi\”.
  • Using the Jazz World App.


This Blog covers the process of Check jazz Remaining Package (mbs and minutes) Weekly And Monthly, For additional details, you can visit the official Jazz website

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