Al Sancak Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles

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Al Sancak Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitles

But before that, let’s come to the sad news that is circulating fast these days Suddenly such news has started coming That this season is going to end too soon Fans are surprised to hear this news Because now everyone was expecting it too That this season will probably last longer due to more breaks than usual

And it is likely that it will come from the Mongols Apart from this, there are also reports that a Byzantine commander will also appear in the new role And about the third character it seems That he may be the historical Alp of Osman Bey Also will talk about this Will we see Nayman’s character turn into the historical character Kara Ali?

Al Sancak Episode 9 In Urdu

But the new news has worried everyone Just in the previous video, we told you a lot of detail about this topic That Kurulus Osman series usually ends in the month of June And it seemed that way given more breaks this season That this season will last longer

But now these news are raising questions in the minds of the fans This is being said even after so many gaps That the season will end on time But another problem is that if this happens, then this season will have less episodes than the last season as both the previous seasons had more than 30 episodes.

And now the fourth season has presented only about 21 episodes Another 12 to 14 episodes were released But now the situation seems to be changing It seems that the season will only have eight to ten episodes at most Because the episodes may be delayed in the coming time as well

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